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Dream Island | Moscow Russia | Indoor Theme Park


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This long proposed park is finally underway. Originally planned to be a Dreamworks Park they seem to have run into problems using that IP (Possibly with Universal intending to build in Moscow as well). However since then Dreamworks have announced a separate park called Dreamplay at the Aviapark shopping mall

However since they lost the IP they seem to have moved forwards and the new redesigned park features Sony IP's instead such as the Smurfs and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Similar in a way to the section to a Motiongate in Dubai. It has already been confirmed the park will get an Intamin coaster themed to TMNT.

The park is easily accessible and is just outside the Technopark stop on the Metro. https://www.google.no/maps/@55.6931607,37.673646,14.75z

For ages after the IP issues it was though the park was dead but late year construction suddenly start

Early concept art for the entrance

Project overview
Dreamworks5.jpeg Dreamworks6.jpeg Dreamworks7.jpeg
Concept art for sections of the indoor park (Pre or post Dreamworks im not really sure)
Dreamworks3.jpg Dreamworks4.jpg
Construction of the main building is continuing at pace. Pictures from Skyscrapercity

Certainly going to be an interesting one to follow this and since the death of Gorky Park Moscow has sadly been lacking a major theme park to call its own.


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Well this hasn't been updated in an age :)
The main structure of the mall and park is coming along really well. And the first rides are now being installed including the first coaster. Which appears to be a Fabbri wild mouse model (I'm not too good at recognising these small mice coasters so someone correct me if that's wrong)

Mosc2.jpg Mosc1.jpg Mosc3.jpg Mosc0.jpg Mosc4.jpg Mosc5.jpg
A ton of pictures can be found here - http://www.themeparx.com/dream-island-moscow
Well worth a browse.


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Heres an image of the wild mouse that is now set up at the park (the image i believe was taken at the manafacturers factory)
Looks like a Fabbri design to me but some of you guys might be able to identify it better than I can. (It looks similar to the Fabbri model i rode in Bahrain but its lacking the drop off the lift)

In other news heres some fairly terrible concept art for the park. Of note though are an Inverted coaster and a Zac Spin (which would go some way to explaining who bought the Zac Spin on Intamins reference list from last year)
But as always its Concept Art and as far as i can see the art doesnt even have the wild mouse we already know is there so its not that accurate.
Mosc1.jpg Mosc2.png


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Sounds like the Intamin launched coaster is now installed.

Google translated from here are some details

“Flight in the Tunnel” is one of the extreme attractions of the “Dream Island” theme park. Visitors are waiting for a full immersion in the plot of the cartoon “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and a high-speed journey along the underground lines of New York. Katalnaya Gora contains loops and unexpected upheavals, rises to a height of 24 m, accelerations and free falls. The length of the entire route is more than 500 m, trolleys are capable of speeds up to 80 km / h in four seconds. Most of the skating will take place in the dark and will be accompanied by media and lighting effects, but on one section of the route guests will “fly out” into the theme park, fly over the heads of other visitors and come back. The ride has no vibration: despite the high speed, the train has a smooth ride. The guests will be able to carry out “Flight in the Tunnel” by growth from 1.3 to 1.95 m, ”the message says.

It is specified that two trains with 16 seats in each and the entire catalytic route will be fully themed. According to the plot of the attraction, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, led by Donatello, invented a high-speed train. For its construction, they used the details of the mechanisms of the insidious scientist Schredder, who will now try to stop them. Guests will fall into the shelter of the ninja heroes, take part in the process of constructing the invention and try to hide from the pursuer on it through the New York subway


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If open officially, I'll unstick! Thanks for the update roomraider!

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I must say, this park is looking very nice! The launch coaster also looks good from that shot!


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POV of shred the sewers the Intamin launch coaster.

The Hotel Transylvania dark ride has opened, the ride has more than fifty animatronics with eight scenes.

The flying theatre and drop tower are still to open, a visualisation of the drop tower below, this looks like a great park and while unlikely I would love to see it one day.
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Matt N

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I think the coaster actually looks (and sounds, based on the reactions in the video) quite fun! Do we have any idea of the stats?
EDIT: Just looked the ride up on RCDB, and the basic stats are as follows:
Height: 78.7ft
Speed: 49.7mph
Inversions: 4 (a vertical loop, an inclined dive loop, a corkscrew and a heartline roll)
RCDB page: https://rcdb.com/14506.htm

I’d be really intrigued to see a layout plan, as the darkness does make it a little difficult to tell what the layout is like, in my opinion...


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Do we know if the Hotel Transylvania dark ride is a clone of the Motiongate one? Because if so, PASS!

Funny how there's this universally known IP, high quality looking park that we hear little to zero about.


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Yes, it was great to finally see this drop. It has a lot more whip that I expected. The kink at the top of the loop is certainly a little odd, but overall, it looks like a really fun coaster.