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Dragon Valley | Nanjing China | Theme Park


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Another new park although not until 2020 this one. However work is underway already
The park is mostly indoors and called Dragon Valley
Here is some concept art.

Dragon1.jpeg Dragon2.jpeg Dragon3.jpeg Dragon4.jpeg Dragon5.jpeg

That coaster at the top may look familer to anyone who watched the recent Vekoma video from their factory. (Bottom right)

This is because the ride will be a new Vekoma Shockwave launched coaster. A great looking design from them and one of the new gen launched coasters.
Heres some shots about the shockwave for Dragon Valley
Shockwave3.jpg Shockwave2.jpg

The parks hotels have been under construction for a while. Here is a shot from March last year.bad2ede0-d101-4399-9430-b2a0f85da00d.jpg
I would assume the main structure for the park is too but as of yet I havent seen any pictures.

Cannot wait for that Shockwave coaster though. I've seen the layout pop up a few times elsewhere and it looks incredible.
Just 2 and a bit years to wait for this one.


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Do you have any videos/images of the layout? +1 new Vekoma to the world!

Although it only has 2x16 passenger trains and the layout looks massive, so throughput might not be great...


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Wow! The shockwave coaster looks great! I can't believe the size of that batwing either!
I have to admit; at first I thought China was only a few amazing coasters, but now it looks like they are getting all the good stuff! I'm starting to get a bit jealous.
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Here it is, the Vekoma Shockwave launch coaster:-
Here are some stats about it from RCDB:-

Length: 3,592.5ft
Height: 126.3ft
Inversions: 5 (Vertical loop, Batwing, 2 Corkscrews)
Speed: 62.1 mph
Elements: LSM Launch

2 trains with 4 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 16 riders per train.
Capacity: 910 riders per hour

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WHOA! There's already been a fire at the park? It's not even open yet! Oh jeez.
The construction process is likely the most risky part of the build, to be fair. It's true in most construction projects. The biggest risks of fire (hot works like welding, angle grinding) happen during construction, and many of the fire prevention systems (be that compartmentation, sprinklers, or something more advance systems) won't be operational yet.

That said, that's a hell of a lot of smoke. Looks like a combination of poor material (in terms of fire performance) and lack of fire suppression. Hopefully they were at least able to evacuate fully.