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Dorney Park to add a modern Wooden Coaster in 2019?

Youngster Joey

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Lance posted this to screamscape tonight

"Rumor - (7/2/18) The latest rumors suggest that Dorney Park has filed permits to build a new coaster... and from the look of an image that leaked, it will be a new wooden coaster that will take up the old Stinger site and the area behind it, but not venture into the space currently occupied by Dinosaurs Alive. Based on the kind of layout I'm hearing about, this sounds very much like a GCI Twister style coaster, much like the very popular Gold Striker at California's Great America."



If it is a GCI coaster I think it's a wonderful addition for Dorney. It would fill out the modern wooden coaster whole in their lineup quite nicely. Here's hoping this turns out to be true and a great ride

Matt N

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Great stuff! Wicker Man is awesome, and this looks like a more extensive layout than Wicker Man, so I'm sure it will be great! Isn't this the 3rd new Cedar Fair coaster in 2019, though? Do we reckon they'll go for 4 like in 2018 or stick to the 3?


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I'm seeing an RMC Topper track here. I think I can see a zero-g roll and a non-inverting version of Twisted Cyclone's reverse cobra roll.


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This sounds like it could be a good addition to the park, especially if it's similar to Gold Striker. Hopefully we'll hear something official in the next few months.


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Looks like maybe a really nice year for PA with this and Kennywood! I was actually thinking Dorney might be a good fit for any Raptors CF wants to buy for next year (same type of space as Blazer, no RMCs in PA yet, nothing remotely close to anything in the region) but this should be a good fit too. I would seriously hope for something at least remotely out and back like Renegade though, as there are three twisting GCIs just an hour away at a park that I believe to be edging them out for attendance. Call it Turnpike Turbo, theme it to riding a chopper down the PA Turnpike, give it a retro biker theme, there’s potential there.

I’ve heard that Mystic Timbers didn’t quite boost attendance as much as expected, not sure how true that is, so it strikes me as odd that they’d go with the same ride type in a region where they already have not one but two. But it’s all secondhand info and I’m sure Dorney’s we’ll aware of the magical overpriced candy land down the road and they wouldn’t be making this decision if it were obviously bad.

Next step: which agricultural operation will it be themed to, what kind of spooky disaster will occur there, what kind of blue truck will the trains be modeled after, and will this have a shed too?

Aaron Smith

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Dorney Park is only an hour away from me and I haven't been in several years due to the lack of anything new to draw me back. A new coaster will definitely get me back out there (and maybe several times) since I now get the Cedar Fair platinum pass. I sure hope this is true!


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^That's exactly why I think it'll be an RMC topper. (The NI reverse cobra roll is at the far left of the layout, then it's followed by the apparent zero-g roll).

Matt N

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Sorry to bump the thread, but it would seem Dorney Park have started teasing some sort of attraction for 2019 judging by this that I saw on Screamscape:
Screamscape said:
2019 - New Attraction - Rumor - (8/17/18) Is Dorney Park trying to send us a message? In the latest video posted to Dorney Park's YouTube channel called the "Dorney Park National Roller Coaster Day 5k" the early part of the video seems to include some interesting teasers in the background.
In the opening shot the woman at the desk is reading a book open to a chapter called "The 10 Best Steel Coasters In The World". Meanwhile her computer monitor has google map pulled up and is looking at an aerial shot of the Dinosaurs Alive area.
Next shot reverses the angle and we can see she has two computer monitors, with what looks like a screen from Roller Coaster Tycoon pulled up on the second monitor showing off a wooden coaster design. In the background on the right you can see some kind of folder or message board propped up on the desk with the text "{HI} #AMAZING LOOKSLIKE 2019" on it. On the desk in the foreground is another white folder with a red "CONFIDENTIAL" on it and the text 'NEW FOR 2019".
In a later shot you can also see some artwork in the background next to the message board that looks like a sign made up from surfboards as well, but that could be nothing. There is a photo of something I can't make out under the message board however, looks like a ride of some kind, but I'm not sure. From there the rest of the video just showcases the park's collection of coasters.
So while we really don't know much about what's coming for 2019, at least they seem to be telling us that they are getting SOMETHING.
Very interesting... I'll have to keep an eye on this one. Maybe it is that GCI proposal after all?

By the way, here's the video:
And here's the Screamscape link: