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Do You Open Presents Before Christmas?

When Do You Open Presents?

  • I am Jewish, 8 crazy nights

    Votes: 1 4.5%
  • We do some crazy stuff like 25 days of gifts

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I open 1 small present Christmas Eve

    Votes: 3 13.6%
  • Only on Christmas Morning

    Votes: 10 45.5%
  • Other

    Votes: 8 36.4%

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Hyper Poster
This may be an American question (I think the British have Boxing Day, or is that Canada?), regardless, do you save all of your Christmas presents for the 25th, or do you open any prior?

Growing up my family would always open one small gift on Christmas Eve, and then open the rest in the morning. So what do you do?


Staff member
Boxing day is the day after Christmas and is St. Stephen's day (patron saint of bodily functions and left overs). It has nothing to do with presents :)

We have two Christmas days as we live quite far from my parents and my sister lives further the other side of them. So we have a furie's family Christmas in my home town the weekend before and open our presents to each other. Then we have the family_furie day on the 25th.

So the answer is yes, but not for lack of patience.

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Strata Poster
I never open any before Christmas. But I open a few after Christmas, such as one on New Years Eve.
There is no real reason for this, other than it's what has always happened in my house.


Credit Whore 2016
Only ever opened on Christmas morning. Back in the day when my parents liked each other we'd get a few presents in the morning then the stocking would come out after tea with all sorts of little ****. Those were the days <3


Hyper Poster
We have 2 days for presents Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Christmas Day is spent me, mum, nan, grandad. Open our sacks/stockings. Then we move onto the presents watch some Christmas TV eat Christmas dinner. Boxing Day the most hectic half of us are not out of bed when my Aunts Uncles and Cousins come round so we wait for everyone to get up, for the family to open their sacks. We have to wait for some family members to wrap up their presents only to be unwrapped about 10 minutes later. Then the kids will go back to technology and I'll go and help make dinner.

Darren B

Giga Poster
We don't do Xmas presents, it's a waste of money. We have Xmas dinner and that's it. No presents, no decorations, nothing. I see it as a day off work and nothing more.


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Darren B said:
We don't do Xmas presents, it's a waste of money. We have Xmas dinner and that's it. No presents, no decorations, nothing. I see it as a day off work and nothing more.

That's how I grow up tbh.

As of late I celebrate it more as it means a lot to Mark but I really don't give a **** about it.


Credit Whore 2016
**** Scrooges the pair of you :p

I decorated the house today. My tree is fab if I do say so myself <3



Credit Whore 2016
Sadly I don't own any theme park Christmas decorations which is sad, I plan on changing that next year. I do have a a Thomas the Tank Engine bauble...Drayton Manor has a Thomas themed area, that'll do ;)


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I think they're actually pretty rare, because the merchandise in Dutch theme parks is crap and I have no idea how we even got all of the Efteling merchandise. They don't even sell anything like it anymore. From what I've seen the UK does have really good merchandise so you have no excuse to not get some christmas decoration yeah :)


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Whoa, hang on. What's this Jewish thing? 8 days sounds like fun. (I'm luck to actually like spending time with my family.)


Strata Poster
Always the day itself, used to be stockings only until my parents got up then main pressies after breakfast.
Now it's a free for all when we are up, and a 2nd round when we get to the grandparents.

Chris Coasters

Strata Poster
When I was little I use to try and convince my mom to open a present on Christmas Eve but it never worked. Now it doesn't really matter because I've gained a lot more patience since then. Still always wake up really early and wait for my mom to get up though. It's just a habit of knowing it's Christmas I guess.


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marc said:
Hobbes said:
To quote the poll...I am Jewish, 8 crazy nights :p

I remember as a kid December was great. Birthday this and then Xmas presents from none Jewish friends.

Maybe my friends are just mean, but I never got anything for Christmas. That was the day when my friends got new toys and wanted them all to themselves instead of sharing.

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East Coast(er) General
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Presents? What presents? Maybe if I bought myself one, but then why wrap it? :p