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Do you enjoy greying out?


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I guess I can't really recall an instance where I've completely greyed out.. that is, to the point where I couldn't see anything at all. On I305, I usually get the same tunnel-vision that Andrus mentioned, and even though I've had it pretty bad before, it's never completely blocked out my vision.

Other instances of greying out that I can think of offhand:
Coming out of the sidewinder on Tennessee Tornado
Coming out of the second vertical loop on the Incredible Hulk, sitting in the back row
The top of the helix on Backlot Stunt Coaster (yep!)
The pretzel loop on Superman:UF, sitting in the back row

Anyway, I kind of like the experience. It doesn't make me feel any worse physically and it's kind of a cool sign that I'm doing something extreme.


Matt SR
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Within reason. I once blacked out on Laser at Dorney Park from the first loop to the last turn, which was a bit excessive.


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Nope, never experienced it. The only time I've ever experienced anything like being light-headed or a "faint" (other than due to drinking and even then it's sleeping) was at Europa Park - definitely due to too much beer, lack of sleep and lack of drink and food. I only got it in the queue for the restaurant anyway.

If it's anything like that, then it's unpleasant and I wouldn't want it on a ride.


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No, greying out isn't my thing. When I'm riding a coaster, I want to be LUCID to experience everything the track and theming has to offer :)

Nick P

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Greying out, especially on I305, keeps you from enjoying the airtime that follows the first turn imo. Your body is occupied trying to reagin your vision. Depending on how much you grey out, it could last until after the first airtime hill, therefore ruining most of the airtime on I305.


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I haven't really greyed out on that many rides but on the 4 that it happened I came to the idea that it's okay as long as I don't miss any part of the ride. The four that I blacked out on were Nitro, Batman, Mantis and i305. I feel that it's a good thing I blacked out on Nitro and Batman, even if it was only a few weeks ago for the first time in 10 years. I greyed out on both of those right before a lax point in the ride, Nitro's MCBR and B:TR's rest spot after the helix. Whereas on i305 and Mantis they came during pretty intense moments.


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Greying out on a coaster doses't make me enjoy it less or rate it less because of it but I don't think it could be included as being a key attribute to a ride like airtime.


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^I agree. I detest greying out, and I have low blood pressure, so it happens to me a lot. Not that I don't like intense coasters, I just much prefer speed and airtime.

gavin said:
Anyone who's fainted will know how absolutely horrible it is, mostly the whole confusing, coming round aspect. Greying out on a coaster just reminds me of the feeling I get if I'm about to faint, and while it's never as intense as that, and I know I'm not going to actually pass out, it's still not a pleasant feeling.

That's exactly right. Fainting is awful.