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Djurs Sommerland | El Grito | Funtime Drop Tower | 2024


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Will be located in the Mexicoland area of the park (inbetween Juvelen and the mini-golf course). No word on the manufacturer, but the concept art seems to be pointing towards Funtime.

Edit: The drop tower will apparently be the first phase of a multi-year expansion to the Mexicoland side of the park, with more rides and refurbishments to come later.
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Here's the official press release:

Djurs drop tower.jpg
Park CEO Henrik B. Nielsen points to the spot where the drop tower will be built.
Tallest new attraction ever in Djurs Sommerland: Dizzying drop tower in 2024

Djurs Sommerland unveils the tallest new attraction in the park’s history – one that will thrill families looking for excitement and an adrenaline rush. Following major investment, the East Jutland amusement park is building a 60-metre-high themed drop tower to the tune of DKK 30 million in the park’s popular Mexicoland. The new ride, which provides a clear view of the largest summerland in the Nordic region, will be ready on April 27, 2024, when the next season kicks off.

Djurs Sommerland is known for big news announcements and renewal of the park year after year, and 2024 will be no exception. The past two seasons saw the introduction of Dinosaurland with 6 family rides. Now the time has come for a drop tower, a real thrill ride that will test your fear of heights and get your adrenaline pumping as you are slowly raised a staggering 60 metres into the air before suddenly experiencing a free fall at 100 km/h.

The new drop tower is twice the height of Piraten and DrageKongen, both of which are among the largest roller coasters in Denmark. In addition to a jaw-dropping adrenaline rush, the new drop tower offers a stunning panoramic view of Djurs Sommerland and large parts of Djursland.

“Ensuring that Djurs Sommerland is constantly undergoing development and remains an attractive day out for Danish and foreign families with children is a top priority for us. Our ambitions are always high and at the same time we listen to what our guests want. The new themed drop tower adds another important piece to the puzzle, and there is no doubt that the many visitors who have requested such a ride over the years will be thrilled,” says CEO Henrik B. Nielsen.

Future plans

After more than 15 years of continued investment and the introduction of countless new rides and improvements in the park, Djurs Sommerland has moved up into the top league with high guest satisfaction scores and an international appeal. Djurs Sommerland intends to continue in this vein.

“Looking ahead, we have big plans for Djurs Sommerland which will strengthen our position as a destination for Danish and foreign tourism. Exciting plans are already in the pipeline for the coming years, and the new drop tower in 2024 is only the first step in the expansion of Mexicoland", concludes Henrik B. Nielsen.

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So this one is 60 meters tall and reaches speeds of 100km/h, but Hjertekig at Tivoli Friheden claims to be 65 meters tall but hits speeds of only 80km/h.

Provided that the rumours are true, both rides are from Ride Engineers Switzerland.



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That's tiny. It's only slightly taller than he is. 🫣

What is this a drop tower for ants?

It's not a drop tower for ants, it's 60m tall.

So that means Henrik stands nearly 200ft tall! 😱
Bet he doesn't have any issues getting a date on Tinder*

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New concept art and renderings have appeared. The drop tower, called El Grito, will sport a ”Day of the Dead” theme and is confirmed to be manufactured by Funtime.

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