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Djurs Sommerland | Drage Kongen | Intamin Suspended Family Coaster


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Re: Djurs Sommerland |unknown| Intamin Suspended Family Coas

oriolat2 said:
Looking at the blueprints, it looks like there is a short section before the actual lift hill. Could we see a launch out of the station and then a lift hill? That could be a selling-point and not that niche.

Launch out of the station into an LSM lift hill would be good enough. The track banks heavily shortly after the top of the lift, which indicates that it may be taken at some speed.

Then again, most Inverts bank at the top of the lift anyway, so it's not a certainty...


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Re: Djurs Sommerland |unknown| Intamin Suspended Family Coas

So a couple of things...

A couple of weeks ago someone made the assumption that the coaster would turn this way and that someone turns out to be right as I've just got it confirmed by the CEO...


The lift will run parallel with the entrance path.

Source: http://www.coasterfriends.de/forum/1171 ... ark-3.html

Also, I think the "unique feature" will be a little launch and some dark ride elements before the lift as some others have already said. Here's why:

By looking at the layout, it's apparent that that the pre-lift section starts out with a short straight piece of track and on the original layout file that I have, you can zoom in and there's a text saying "Evacuation platform to be designed and build by customer" with an arrow pointing to a platform underneath that short piece of track. Now it would make a lot of sense if this platform is present because of a launch. The helix after this is also quite banked, suggesting that it will take it with a reasonable speed and since there's no apparent lift, it points to a launch again.

Also - which is probably the most promising evidence - the other day my friend snapped this photo of a new promo sign that's up by the construction site:


As you can probably guess it means "unique start" and I'd say that the flames behind it might very well be a hint at a launch...


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Re: Djurs Sommerland |unknown| Intamin Suspended Family Coas

Great news, I thought it would be the other way around.

This will be much,much better! It will create a better look of the ride from the entrance to the park. The ride will be better integrated with the flume and also the new asian themed land will be more built together than it would had it faced the other way.


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Re: Djurs Sommerland |unknown| Intamin Suspended Family Coas

New pictures, taken by me, from a construction site tour on Saturday :)

Apparently I can't post links, but they are on the CoasterClub Denmark Facebook page...

It will have the same colors as Nemesis Inferno

Steel will begin to arrive on Monday, oktober 17th, where RCS will begin to put it up

And the coaster is only the start of this new area, with more rides and buildings on the way the coming years, plus some kind of "main street", which will led to the different areas in the park...


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Re: Djurs Sommerland |unknown| Intamin Suspended Family Coas

Looks like a decent ride, but the name is something only a four-year-old would like. I'm also a little bugged by the marketing phrase "Europe's longest and fastest family suspended coaster". I mean, considering that there are bigger and/or better Inverts around, you could easily swap the slogan around: "Europe's lamest coaster in this size bracket".

Anyway, bottom line I really like this. It will be a good addition to the park, and it's nice to see Intamin building more Inverts. It will fit nicely alongside Piraten.


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Re: Djurs Sommerland |unknown| Intamin Suspended Family Coas

Pokemaniac said:
I mean, considering that there are bigger and/or better Inverts around, you could easily swap the slogan around: "Europe's lamest coaster in this size bracket".
Hahaha! I think Djurs should hire you for their marketing campaign :wink: :lol:

But I totally agree: the name is lame. But so is "Piraten" (the Pirate) and "Juvelen" (the Juwel). I think Djurs like tacky names..


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Re: Djurs Sommerland |unknown| Intamin Suspended Family Coas

They all kinda sound fab in English though :lol:


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Re: Djurs Sommerland |unknown| Intamin Suspended Family Coas

Was at the park yesterday and the CEO, Henrik B. Nielsen, showed us the construction site as well as some really good looking concept art of the new coaster and surrounding area.

Jora Entertainment is responsible for the design of the whole area and it looks really great, the new coaster will be integrated beautifully with the landscape and the new land, and there is a much bigger emphasis on storytelling than ever seen in a danish park before.

We also saw some pics from the track fabrication plant of some really sexy looking red track!
Delivery from Intamin started this week and the coaster should be fully constructed just on the other side of new year.

Really can't wait to see the finished product in person next year!


This will be the tunnel at the bottom of the first drop.




They have already begun theming the wall as you can see. This will be home to the final tight helix into the brakerun.



This will be the entrance to the queue and exit of the ride, going right under the brake run.




Tight prelift helix in a "cave".


You can make out the station in the background.


Small "dip" and tunnel behind the station.


Station ready for supports and track!


RCS is onsite and ready!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/CoasterClubDen ... 6742752709


Re: Djurs Sommerland |unknown| Intamin Suspended Family Coas

Thanks for the update report!

Always get :goon: if I see RCS trucks trucks/cranes on the A7/A23 highways near their headquarters here in northern Germany...


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Re: Djurs Sommerland |unknown| Intamin Suspended Family Coas

Bit of an update here.
The park has sent me some photos to share of the current state of construction.

Track and supports has begun coming up around the station and brake-run. Note the already present theming on the walls on the second to last pic.

Lifthill will begin to go up next week.






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Any more info on this secret element? I'm assuming it's something to do with the pre show looking at the layout


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^^ Technically, there will only be the one following the first drop, but there will be several trenches along the layout.
^ Nothing official has been revealed yet, but everything points to a launch into a pre-lift section.

Also, here are a couple of pictures from this morning, which was send to me by the park:




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Is the pre lift underground?
Could you have a drop track into a below ground chamber then launch out and up?


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It doesn't look like that, it looks like out of the station, drop, part-helix then lift.


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I'm confused by this one, it doesn't look tall enough for the layout and there's talk of a launch out but there's a lift not far after the station.


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So on saturday we were lucky enough to go on a guided construction tour of the new coaster. It's nearing completion and it looks damn sexy up close!
Once again we were treated to amazing hospitality from Djurs Sommerland and we even got to climb the lift in the fresh morning breeze!
My friend have taken a bunch of photos for CoasterClub Denmark, a good amount of them is posted below.

A few notes:
- The color is beautiful.
- It has some really tight banks and turns.
- You will be "launched" into the pre-lift section by friction wheels as on Juvelen.
- It's a bit bigger than I first thought, but it fits so nicely into that area of the park.
- Djurs is also opening a big new restaurant next year in Piratland (see picture of construction site below), with 3 different themed sections, designed by Jora Entertainment.


















Many more at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CoasterClubDenmark/photos/?tab=album&album_id=828253277277721