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Disney's Hollywood Studios | Star Wars Galaxy's Edge | 2019 Park Expansion


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Huuuuurgghhh. That's awesome.

Was going to make some sarky comment about "Looks good and all, but I think I'd notice the two blokes holding it up", but then I saw the finished thing and... well...


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Apparently, Rise of the Resistance could take up to another 3 months to open. Which pisses me off seeing as I go in September/October.


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From what I've read, everything else in Galaxy's Edge will be open and ready. I'll be there at the beginning of December so hopefully Rise of the Resistance will be open. I'll let you know @Lofty how it is. ;)
This is the saltiest post. I love it.

It's a shame that Rise of the Resistance won't be ready straight away, but I guess it's probably the most ambitious attraction ever attempted, so I imagine it takes a little bit of time haha.

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Thanks for reminding me @davidm; I have construction photos that I took on Friday:


Sorry I couldn't really find a decent angle, but the best places to see the area are places where I physically can't take a photograph! Looks obscene, though!


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They just announced cast previews for WDW cast today. August 1st to 16th with the land opening on the 29th... So I'm sure DVC and Passholder previews will be between Cast and Grand Opening.
As far as soft opening for Rise... I wouldn't be surprised if it's opened intermittently upwards of a week prior