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Did you ever feel the "Magic"?


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I've never felt the magic at a Disney park. That could just be because I haven't watched many Disney films, so most of the themeing and the character parades etc don't mean anything to me.
But also, I found the corporate scale of the Disney park experience a bit overwhelming - the transport systems, the thorough searching at the gate, the sensory overload at Main St, the massive crowds and the expensive prices - I prefer theme parks that have a more relaxed vibe, and feel less like a constant bombardment of product.


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Seriously, Disney is a bad place to get some...


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Efteling! Works every time I get there! The fairy-tales, the music, the general atmosphere...nostalgia everywhere! I love it!


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Ian said:
Ah, the magic of being subtly sold something, waiting in line with hundreds of kids for medicore rides, sickly over-polished characters walking around everywhere, interacting with robotic over-cheerful staff. It's magical!

Ouch! That's harsh!

(But 100% fair.)


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Ian said:
Ah, the magic of being subtly sold something, waiting in line with hundreds of kids for medicore rides, sickly over-polished characters walking around everywhere, interacting with robotic over-cheerful staff. It's magical!

In a way I know what you mean, but then I remember just how amazing TOT is!

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Disneyland paris <3

Although I haven't been to its American counterparts, it gets far too much stick in my opinion. The only problem is maintenance, and **** food. Now that WDC have taken over their debts, I can see the main park taking over other Magic Kingdoms as in comparison, DLP is far more beautiful and intricately detailed than the others. Yes, that is judged from many videos and photos of the other parks, but I've also taken into consideration the countless people who have also echoed what I've just said.

I'm looking forward to the new plans when they're revealed. Something is brewing and we know it.

Do I feel the Magic? Hmmm, I do, but not in the same way I did back in 1997.

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^ Disneyland Paris is the only Disney park in the world where structures aren't built from plastics.. Parisian laws don't allow it. Everything from the castle, down to scenic elements is either concrete or stone, which abides by regulations.


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^Which, coincidentally, is why Tower of Terror is falling apart :roll:

I love the Disney parks but I'd never say I've felt it to be a magical experience. I put it down to not being with a kid, I think I'd find seeing a kid discovering the parks a much more magical thing. However, saying that DisneySea did blow me away and Tokyo Disneyland's parades and the other guests reactions to everything did make me like the happiest person ever.

Also Efteling is the most magical place in the World by far. Especially in the snow <3
Yes I totally felt the magic. The first moment I set eyes on Cinderella's castle at Magic Kingdom in Orlando was amazing! I can't say the other Floridian parks felt as magical, but they were still fab. Hell, I still felt the magic when I went to Disneyland in California. That park is just incredible! But as a kid, yeah, everything felt that much more magical.


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I've been twice with 3 day passes. Yeah, I felt the magic. From the penny arcade to the magic shop and all the awesome special effects all over the park. It's quite a neat place.

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The first time I felt it because I was 7, I went back about 2 years later, I still felt it, but not as much. It really is hard to explain. It has a really clean atmosphere, beautiful landscaping, and a fantasy theme.


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I agree with everybody who said Efteling. Most magical place I've ever been, especially in the dark!

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Well, I'm very anti-Disney, so obviously no. I just don't see what's so special about it in recent years. 20 years ago, sure, it probably was a magical world but nowadays parks like Universal are starting to over shine Disney in terms of experience and attractions.


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No, I honestly never really enjoy visits to Disney, to start with I'm not a huge fan of Disney movies or very much of their associated brands. My biggest complaint is that even on a slow day I can't enjoy myself because the park is full of bratty little toddlers, crazed parents trying to cripple me with their strollers and more numerous, unsupervised children running around and screaming. I also don't find the employees to be that exceptional either, they aren't on par for terrible with magic mountain but I have had encounters with my fair share of grouchy old employees who seem to have been working there since they were teens and seem really bitter. Finally Disney seems to lack the ambition of other parks, settling for simply adding the same style of family attraction over and over without trying anything truly exciting or new, they aren't on the cutting edge. That said I enjoyed California Adventure before it became the same crowded hole as Disneyland with the addition of Cars Land. I found more enjoyment and satisfaction from BGW than from Disney.


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Every time. The attention to detail is amazing. Rides like Tower of Terror and Splash Mountain make you feel like you are in a whole new world. You might travel there ten times and not notice every detail. Disney is the best in the business when it comes to that. No park I have been to has yet to match it.


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MK at Orlando was amazing, went from when I was two to seven years old every year.

Then I went to California, and everything changed. Infinitely better park. I absolutely love the smallness of the park, as it is more imposing than WDW because it is more compact. I was really disappointed when I wasn't able to go when I went over Christmas break because I remember going there as a kid and loving it. I guess Knott's is a good substitute for thrills.

I will say that there comes a point of diminishing returns with the Disney magic as the ticket prices go up. It's over $130 for a one day ParkHopper in Anaheim these days. Times change, I guess.


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Hey Edward M, I have to completely disagree with you. I just got back from a one-day trip to Los Angeles, and instead of seeing Hollywood or the ocean or the beautiful Californian nature, my family convinced me to spend the day at Disney's California Adventure. They said that I could experience California in 12 hours there. Well, thanks! All I got to experience were simulations, plastic buildings, and fake soap opera characters. That's not the real deal, man! There isn't any magic here. The magic is in experiencing real Californian sights. I don't wanna see a SIMULATION of the Golden Gate Bridge, I wanna see the real thing!! So, thumbs down for DCA!!!