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Desktop PC tips for Planet Coaster?


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I did watch the videos. The park is lush, I'm shocked that Planet Coaster doesn't have either a remote camera control or built-in recording system like RCT3 did.

So I can see why you're happy with a bump in FPS. However, I watched it windowed, I always do. So it's probably not much more than standard def (around 320x 200). So give it a go at 720 and see if you can boost again and see if there's any real lack of quality?

It's also worth checking to see if ray tracing has turned itself on (if there is a ray tracing option for PC)? On the 3060, you won't notice much in the way of graphical improvement with it on, but it will be massively hitting you in the FPS.


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Perhaps so! Problem is, I have the urge to theme up those areas when I’m building… I’ll have to see about overcoming that urge with future projects.

To be honest, if 10-20FPS is the level it drops to when I have a full, heavily-detailed park, then I’m personally quite happy with that! Yes it’s not perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than what I had before, so I’ll take it!
HI Matt N,

To be honnest I notice that the frame rate keeps low if you build big in Planco. For 60FPS recording I use Cheatengine. A free tool that enables you to speed hack the game. I record on 0,25 game speed and while editing the video I speed it back up with factor 4. It means you have a video with quality of 60fps but you need to record the sound seperately and mix it back in while editing.

Maybe this trick can help you out on shooting video's.
Below video I made on an I7-7700 - 1060Ti