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Man, as much as I like your completed projects, these white-background shots are lursh. <3


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Wanted to show some of the details before release. Here's the garden that acts as the queue. And below is the trains.



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Worship the god of coasters and join a new relgion celebrating Height, Speed and Force. Deity is a new breed of hyper coaster that will give you an religious experience as you soar into the heavens.


After Orion was announced I wanted to go into doing a Giga style B&M. I loved the design of Fury325 and Leviathan and how much it differed from the traditional hyper coaster, with more of a focus on speed and unorthodox layouts. I used Orion's height (285ft) to do my own version of the layout. It really opened my eyes to how difficult these coasters are to design, balancing a realistic track length with the speed and keeping the footprint tight was such a tal ask, and it perhaps was the longest I've ever spent on a layout, dispite it's supposed simplicity. The track length lies behind the monster of Fury325 but is longer than Orion and Leviathan.

The theme came about when I was writing down the words I wanted this layout to have, beautiful and graceful yet powerful and intimidating, they all matched this idea of a great god. But also these large coasters are so rare, us enthusiasts almost make a pilgrimage to see them in person. Parkscape Design helped me realise this vision by designing the station and ride area, and he did such a great job, This may be the worlds first hyper-station (200ft tall).


285ft Drop
Speed Hill
Orion Turn
Air-Time Hill
Banked Speed Hill
Air-time Hill
Twisted Airtime Hill


Jay (Parkscape Design) is the reason this ride exists, I almost gave up but he really showed his skills here and I'm forever thankful for his incredible work.

Ride Area Music is done by Dario Forzato, Bob Bradley & Thomas Balmforth from Audio Network.

Storage doors - 97 Degrees Track Rework Freefall (Steam)

Cliackable Door Scenery - Bestdanis

Park Pack Coaster Accessories - Plantoris

Ultimate Attachement Tools - Bestdani

Foliage - nSeven

Updated Trees - Thecodemaster

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Sorry for the delay in downloading, haven't had access to the 'proper' PC!

I'm glad I waited tough - that was truly a delight. Felt incredible, and the perfect mix of Fury and Leviathan (and what Orion should/could have been).

Extra shout out to all the vantage points around the ride, it's a joy to explore too!

Good Great Excellent Phenomenal work!


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Thank you ^ I kinda wish I could view the ride on a "proper PC" my laptop runs at 1FPS. I trust that Jay says it runs well. Maybe I should crowd fund for a new laptop.

Anyway, some final screens.