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Creds from your Year of Birth


Mega Poster
I was born in 1998 and I only have 3 that I've been on...
Great Bear
Roar (SFA)
Volcano the Blast Coaster
61 creds opened in 1992. I'm not going to list them all, but ones I found interesting:

The original Batman: the Ride
Big Thunder Mountain Paris
Arkansas Twister
Drachen Fire
Eagle Fortress
Runaway Mine Train (Alton)

The ones I've been on that opened in 1992:

Runaway Mine Train, Alton
Vortex, Carowinds
Rexplorer, Mirabilandia
Batman: the Ride, SFGAm


Giga Poster
46 coasters opened in 1985, 18 of which are still in existence.

Nothing too exciting, the best three would probably be,
Phoenix - Knoebels
Monstre - La Ronde
Schweizer Bobbahn - Europa


Coaster MILF
51 coasters opened in 1991, 23 are still operating and I have ridden none of them :lol: .

Theres only really a couple of any interest including Mean Streak @ Cedar Point and The Ultimate @ Lightwater Valley.


Hyper Poster
58 Coasters opened on the year of my birth 1994, only 44 remain.
The ones I have been on are:

The Big One - Pleasure Beach, Blackpool - An alright ride, but relatively dull after the first drop

Casey Jr - Disney Land Paris - I barely remember this ride, but hey apparently it counts as a cred so whoop! (Also my first cred!)

Nemesis - Alton Towers - Great ride, definitely the best out of the four I have ridden. Very forcefull, but isn't consistent in weather it gives a mind-blowing ride or not.

Shockwave - Drayton Manor - I guess it's fun. The inversions are fab, but it's a bit on the rough side and it's very short. They could have done a lot more with the ride.

Other notable rides include: Raptor (CP), Batman (SFMM), Hurler (KD, CW) and who could forget, Butterfly at Familienpark Herne.

(Got to love being born on the same year as the big coaster boom in the UK)


Mega Poster
In 1989, 57 coasters opened (only 26 currently operating). Out of the ones still operating I'd say that Magnum XL-200, Goudurix, and Timber Wolf are the most noteworthy.

I've only been to four:
Slangen at Tivoli,
Treetops rollercoaster at Oakwood,
Eurosat at Europa Park and
Revolution at Bobbejaanland

It's pretty awkward though as there is one cred from 1989 which is like 1.5 hours away from me (in Finland) which I don't have and actually quite forgot it even existed lol, it's only a Mack powered coaster, but will have to go and get it this year.


Giga Poster
Apparently this opened on the day I was born:


Nice. The ones I've ridden from '93 are:

Batman (SFGAdv)
Flight Deck (CGA)
Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril (DLRP)
Kumba (BGT)
Ladybird (LWV)


Mega Poster
^ Hello fellow 93'er!

Mine are:

Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril (DLRP)
Ortobruco Tour (Garda)

Bit disappointing really!


Roller Poster
94 roller coasters opened in my birth year.
Out of all 94, I rode only two coasters.

1. Flight of Fear at King's Island.
2. Rougarou (Back when it was called Mantis)

Edward M

Strata Poster
Born 1999

Dragon Challenge, IOA
Incredible Hulk Coaster, IOA
Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, DHS
Woodstock Express, Cedar Point
Invertigo, Kings Island
Gwazi, Busch Gardens Tampa
Tennessee Tornado, Dollywood
Boomerang, SFFT
Poltergeist, SFFT