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Coke V.S Pepsi

Coke or Pepsi

  • Coke

    Votes: 20 55.6%
  • Pepsi

    Votes: 16 44.4%

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Roller Poster
I always liked Cola much more :) Pepsi tasted for me like an unfinished and strange Cola, it's really not my type of drink :p


Giga Poster
I'm a big boy, take both:

(Fun fact: This photo was actually taken by me, not stolen)


Roller Poster
Weird has it sounds I'll go Pepsi in any form but Coke in a McDonalds Fountain Machine. I don't know what it is but to me it just tastes better then a bottle/can there.

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Credit Whore 2016

Well it is Coke but it isn't quite that simple, draught is the best way to have coke, followed by canned, then glass bottle, then plastic bottle, as a rule I don't generally buy fizzy drinks in plastic bottles, it tastes meh...with meal deals I'd much rather have a smoothie or soda water or summat.


Mega Poster
Always coke in a can for me although work only serves pepsi and it wasn't as bad as I remembered when I tried it


Roller Poster
I tried Coke (for the first time in several years) while on a trip last month. I did not like the flavor.


Hyper Poster
I like Coke and would rather drink that but if I'm going to a place where they do Pepsi only I make sure it's Pepsi max.