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CoasterForce's Favorite Coasters - 2019 Edition


Great analysis, as per last year I feel it reflects pretty accurately the general opinions and discussions that go on here throughout the year.

Nine out of 25 for me - not great but improving; I rode three of them for the first time in 2019.

CF rankings of the ones I have ridden:
2 Taron
3 Helix
7 El Toro
12 Nemesis
14 Expedition GeForce
17 Shambhala
18 X2
19 Hyperion
21 Twisted Colossus

I'd put Hyperion at the top of my list rather than near the bottom as it is in the CF rankings. I'd also say Helix, El Toro and EGF have the edge over Taron; they don't have the level of theming that Taron does but they are better coasters in my opinion. Otherwise not much I would disagree with.