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Chengdu Wanda City | All Speeds | Taron Clone | 2021


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I wondered what that blue glow on the horizon was this evening...

I mean, that's incredible. But ****ing hell it's bright.


Mountain monkey
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At first I thought "It must be a long-exposure shot of a lit train going around the entire track for a minute or two, so of course it is bright". But if so, some of the details in the background would just have appeared as speed blurs too, wouldn't they? The reflections in the water, the swinging ship, and the searchlight beam at the top of the tower all appear to be standing still, and I think there are cars on the bridge in the background too. Do they really have a system for lighting up the entire track at once?


Mega Poster
^It looks as though it’s some form of LED lighting system installed onto the spine of the track as it moves with the rides banking. I hope they can adjust the brightness and colour. It’s far too bright and far too blue. Saying that, if it can be programmed to follow the train and pulse along the track, that’ll be so damn cool!