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Chengdu Aviation park | China | 2019


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Another day. Another new park starts construction somewhere in China.

This one was announced a while back but I waited for proper signs of construction before posting anything

Confirmed rides include
Intamin Family Launched Coaster (Similar in style to Jet Skis and Quad Bike coasters but I imagine plane themed)
Zamperla Air Force
Zamperla Air Race
Zamperla Disco Coaster
Various other Zamperla Flats

The park will also have a fairly large indoor component showing off Aviation history and with a number of static aircraft exhibits.
Not a whole lot else is know yet but some nice concept art below.

Aviation6.jpg Aviation2.jpg Aviation3.png Aviation4.jpg Aviation5.png

And the state of the ground work as of April 2017


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Going on a bit of a spree looking up information about the oldest sticked construction projects in this forum. This park saw an update as recently as January this year:

With a little help from Google Translate, we get these key paragraphs:

When the epidemic made a comeback again this winter, Chengdu Aviation World, the former Internet celebrity paradise project, showed signs of failure again.
According to the reply from the relevant authorities in Tianfu New Area, the construction unit of Chengdu Aviation World reported that the main body of the project needs to be reorganized. After the reorganization, the remaining industries of the project will be obtained according to the law. Construction will continue within 3 months, and the project will be completed within 2 years. Put into operation.

However, as to when the reorganization of the Chengdu Aviation World will be completed, the relevant authorities are unclear. According to netizens’ recent aerial video, the Chengdu Aviation World is still a barren construction site, which is clearly far away from the official opening.

So, uh, they're saying 2023, but appear not to be that well positioned to make it happen.

Still, it's news I guess.


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Yup this park seems to be stuck in a quagmire of legal issues and different parties claiming breaking of contracts. It seems it may still be going ahead but I'm not holding my breath.

Most frustratingly is it appears the Intamin jet ski was delivered and is sat in pieces near the park. Now if they could either get their act together and build the park or failing that sell the ride on somewhere that would be great.