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Cedar Point | The Boardwalk | Wild Mouse and Ride Relocation | 2023

Matt N

CF Legend
Interesting! I actually heard quite good things about WT, and it didn't take up a huge plot of land, so I'm surprised to see it going at a relatively young age!

Wasn't it rumoured that CGA was going to get it at some stage, as an impulse coaster was listed as a potential future coaster on their development plan a couple of years back?


Strata Poster
As someone planning a trip to the Point next year, I'm disappointed. One less cred, and it's exactly the quirky silly ride I normally like. :(

Steely Dan

Mega Poster
With WT now outta there, the old stadium theater gone, and you move/remove the giant wheel and other flat rides in the vicinity, does that perhaps free up enough ground space for my little dream of GCI coming in and doing a modern interpretation of the old beach-side Cedar Point Cyclone? I believe the original was roughly located in that general area.
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