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Breaking: Bob Chapek out, Bob Iger back in as Disney CEO


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Apparently, it's only a two-year contract while the company looks for another successor, so I'm not sure if he'll enact any drastic changes other than try and mend whatever burned bridges Chapek left behind.

That last quarter's earnings must've been rougher than it seemed though since Iger was adamant about staying retired only a few months back.
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With enough money you can even get somebody who is adamant of being retired to come back.

Great idea to bring him back. Better than getting a new temporary CEO who anyways will be switched out. Chapek had been on borrowed time. Although this will also challenge Iger. He made one of the biggest acquisitions in world history (Fox) and then just left, leaving Chapek to justify the money spent. Now Iger will have to justify spending that much money and actually proving that it created value.