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Which Professor Flitwick do you prefer?

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Giga Poster
So in the first Harry Potter film we are introduced to Professor Flitwick; a small and lovable choirmaster with a bald head and white wispy beard.
He re-appears in the second film, continuing to outshine the lead characters with his subtle elegance and charm.

By the time the third film is released, we are all transfixed by this pocket sized Karl Marx lookalike. As we fast forward through the film to find the Flitwick scenes, a terrible thought dawns on us - that maybe he doesn't appear in the film. As we notice the beginnings of a choir scene we stop fast forwarding. The shot pans out and the excitement builds as we expect to see our favourite choirmaster. But wait... that's not Professor Flitwick. Where's Professor Flitwick? In his place is a man of identical stature but looking like a cross between a young Stephen Hawking and Stalin.

But its the same character, he is still referred to as Professor Flitwick and its the same actor. Why did he change??

So which incarnation of Professor Flitwick do you prefer?


Captain Basic
The first version fits the Wizard-ey feel to the franchise. The second one looks like an awful spin off of James Bond.


Staff member
I think in the first one, he looks too much like a different "magical creature" rather than a magician.

When the first film was made, the whole "cross breed" and hatred of none-human teachers hadn't been covered. There was a big deal made in the middle books (Four and Five particularly) about how horrified parents were that a half-giant or centaur could be teaching at Hogwarts. It ties in with the whole elf thing too which is a hefty undercurrent in the latter part of the books.

In fact, it's commented on - by Warwick Davies :lol: (as Griphook) - in the last film about how Harry is so different because of the way he treats other magical creatures. That goes on in the extended universe where Hermione fights for non-human magical creature rights (and I can't see Ron or Harry not having to be involved in that).

There's also a scene in Order of the Phoenix with Umbridge measuring Flitwick. She's obviously against anyone other than pure human (and pure blood let's face it) within the wizarding world being in that kind of position. The implication there is that Flitwick may not be 100% human and she's making a note in order to replace him.

That could then be used to explain his change in appearance between the films. He's seen the tides of change approaching and has given himself a much more human appearance so that he can still remain a teacher at Hogwarts.