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Best Coaster One-Two Punch?


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For BGW, which coaster would you consider to be Pantheon’s partner? I’m curious because BGW always seems to have a different top 3 for everyone, with many solid rides but no real standouts. For me it would probably be Alpengeist, but Griffon and Apollo’s Chariot are solid rides as well.
To be fair I actually don't have any of the other coasters in my Top 30 anymore, but that's only because I haven't been to the park in 8 years. I visited the park right before I I really started counting creds, so right now it's hard to compare and rate BGW's coasters since I wasn't as experienced back then.

I did rate Verbolten as my favorite ride in the park (mostly because I went in blind and loved it at the time), but I feel like nowadays I'd probably prefer Apollo's Chariot or Alpengeist because hypers and inverts are my favorite B&M models. Dive machines aren't really top tier attractions so I wouldn't say Griffon.

Steely Dan

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Hell, even without Vengeance Maverick, Millennium Force and Dragster also fair pretty well (15, 17). That would put it right behind Kentucky Kingdom.
You know a park has a totally boss line-up when its #3 & #4 punches can legit hang with most other park's #1 & #2.
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Edward M

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Looking at my own top 25, the only park with two coasters in it (apart from Cedar Point with 4) is actually Magic Kingdom. Both Space Mountain (the WDW one in particular) and Big Thunder Mountain are among my absolute favorite coasters. Are they thrill machines? Not exactly, but they are easily two of the most iconic coasters ever built. And I think that there's a lot of worth in having your family coasters be such world-class experiences. It'll be interesting to see how TRON changes this park's coaster dynamic, offering a much more thrilling ride experience as opposed to their current big two.


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Quick bit of number-crunching with the spreadsheet...

Mirabilandia, Canada's Wonderland, Alton Towers, Europa Park and Liseberg
all have 1/2 punches worthy of an average 9/10

Until I get on Valkyria or Abyssus/Zadra though, I think Europa Park takes the gold medal. Love a quiet evening there when you can just run back and forth between Wodan and Blue Fire :)


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Fuji Q - If you get to ride just any 2 of the main coasters you will likely be impressed, and ops are potentially getting better so not as much resentment other than historical. I'd go for Fujiyama & Eejanaika

I'd go with @Howies pick for magic mountain but again there is so many combinations.

Silver Dollar City with Time Traveller & Outlaw Run is also correct.

Is F.L.Y. good enough beyond aesthetics to put Phantasialand in here with Taron?

Definitely, the forces on F.L.Y. make it a really unique ride and experience that u dont find any where else. I think i prefer it to taron nowdays, but thats because i rode taron like 100 times.

My favourite combo would be Untamed and Goliath

Second Taron and F.L.Y

Third Woodan and Blue fire

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From my limited personal experience:

Cedar Point - Maverick and SV, in the same park, in the same ZONE! Twisty snaps on one side, airtime galore on the other. Very complimentary and exciting.

Energylandia - Zadra and Hyperion. Intamin's path towards back on top of the industry vs RMC's (massive) maiden ground-up IBox. It takes forever to walk from one to the other ride as opposed to Cedar Point!

SFMM - X² and Twisted Colossus. Schilke-fest, with both rides offering unique experiences.

Happy Valley Shanghai - Fireball and Megalite, not elite in my eyes, but extremely solid fun rides

Liseberg - Same with Balder and Helix. Bonus points for Helix's terrific terrain interaction

Walibi Holland - Scaled-down counterpart to Energylandia's 1-2 punch. Less speed, but a very comparable amount of ejector airtime