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Best and Worst Elements


Mega Poster
What are some of the best and worst elements of their kind? For example, I think the best zero-g rolls are found on Wing Coasters (and some RMCs), but I find them pretty forceless on sitdowns (not that I've ridden many). Are there some elements which are amazing on one coaster, but tame on all others? What do you think?

Notes: this thread is intended to showcase if one element of its type is surprisingly good on one coaster/ coaster type, but is bad on others. It is not intended to be the "GOAT" inversion from this thread, and it is not intended to include drops or airtime hills.

Edward M

Strata Poster
I don't know if this what you meant the thread to be, but I like this format I came up with. So I'm gonna do it.
Element: Best/Worst.

Zero-G Roll: Steel Vengeance/Valravn
Batwing: Afterburn/Viper SFMM
Cobra Roll: Kumba/Goliath SFNE
Corkscrew: Kumba/Ninja SFSL
Dive Loop: Kumba/Mystery Mine
Heartline Roll: Storm Runner/Soarin' Eagle
Helix: Goliath SFOG/Santa Monica Coaster
Immelmann: Montu/Dare Devil Dive
Loop: Full Throttle/Ninja SFSL