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Bacon: Grill/Oven or Fry?

Bacon: Grill/Oven or Fry?

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Credit Whore 2016
I was recently having a debate with a friend at uni that lasted a fair few minutes longer than it should have done about what the best way to cook bacon is. I am adamant that frying is the way forward, she is insistent it's putting bacon under the grill/in the oven. I can see the pros and cons of both.

Pros: Often crispier
No mess
You can cook several pieces at once if you're hosting, or making BellMuffins™
Cons:Takes 20 minutes
You don't get as much of the beautiful bacon smell.

Pros: Takes little longer than 5 minutes
That amazing smell <3
You can cook fried tomatoes in the bacon juice
Cons: You have a frying pan and spatula to wash

I love frying bacon. If I had to cook a lot of bacon then yes, I would use the grill but I'd hate myself for doing so.

What do you do?


Strata Poster
It's a toughie, as I both Grill and Fry depending on how I want my bacon cooked and how much time I have.
Sometimes I do one big fry up in one pan, usually when it's just me and the boy, and in that case speed is everything. Same with a bacon sarnie, as I like my bacon in those hardly cooked.
On the other hand nice crispy bacon on a burger is one of my favourite things and will take extra time and care making sure it's the right crispyness, therefore I grill it.

Grill, but barely.


Miss CoasterForce 2016
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Social Media Team
Grill it, always. Less mess, and the cheapo bacon that I buy shrinks too much in the pan when fried.


Giga Poster
Fry, although I seem to fry most of my food (probably a reason I'm getting fatter! :p).

So quick and easy, and less chance of burning my hand in the oven!


From CoasterForce
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Fry, because it's unhealthier than the other options, which means it's tastier.


CF Legend
Microwave it on a plate then crisp to taste in oven. Speeds up the process which gets you the superior end product massively, making frying completely obsolete. Thank you Grandma <3


Mega Poster
Frying it, a lot faster and easier. It's interesting as I've never heard of anyone (over here) preparing bacon in the oven. Sometimes I do think it can be a bit too greasy, but then I just put the bacon on a paper towel that dries up some of the 'excess' cooking oil/fat.


Strata Poster
I don't have a preference at all but I just wanted to let everyone know about my genius pan washing method...

I cook bacon in it's own fat if I do it in a pan, and mums always like winge winge whine you'll burn the pan.

Who cares?

Because once you're done, you put some water in the pan, and return it to the heat. And it comes off like magic.

You're welcome.