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B&M Inverts, Best to Worst


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I'll be honest, this is like picking between getting a hundred dollar bill or two fifties. Every B&M invert I have been on has been a fantastic ride.

Montu - You always remember your first. :)
Afterburn - IMO the most intense of the American inverts (having not been on Patriot or Manbats).
Talon - Just a funky layout, I remember the airtime hill with the station as a foot chopper being great.
Alpenghiest - It's big and bad and forceful.
Batman Clones (x3) - There is a reason why it was cloned 100 times or something (including 3 in Texas).
Dragons Fire - Better when dueling, Fire always seemed better .
Dragons Ice - Awesome inline twist, again better when dueling .
Silver Bullet - Weird but fun layout. The whole park seemed to under impress except this.
Raptor - I always heard the helix was great, rode early and didnt impress. Still a very good ride.
Great Bear - Someone had to come in last? Unique drop, unique layout, really meanders at the end.


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I've been on enough to actually have a list now

1: Nemesis - I love it, still in my top 5
2: Montu - Fantastic Batwing, such a great invert
3: Raptor - Great first drop and final helix, rest is just ok
4: Great Bear - Decent, immelmann is the best part, couple of nice legchoppers but that's it
5: Nemesis Inferno - Nowhere near the original, doesn't do much for me
6: Dragon Fire - Nothing great, still a solid ride
7: Dragon Ice - Same as fire, less intense

I'd re-ride them all, don't dislike any.


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1. Batman: The Ride (absolutely love the G's on that)
2. Montu
3. Alpengeist (except entering the cobra roll and the transition into the brake run)
4. Silver Bullet
5. Great Bear

Once I ride Banshee, that will shoot straight to the top of this list.


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1. Nemesis at Alton Towers
2. Black Mamba at Phantasialand
3. Afterburn at Carowinds
4. Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa
5. Katun at Mirabilandia
6. Goliath at Six Flags Fiesta Texas
7. Batman la Fuga at Parque Warner Madrid
8. Batman The Ride at Six Flags Great America
9. Batman The Ride at Six Flags St. Louis
10. Batman The Ride at Six Flags Over Georgia
11. Great White at SeaWorld San Antonio
12. Batman The Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure
13. Batman The Ride at Six Flags Over Texas
14. Batman The Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain
15. Vampire at La Ronde
16. Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
17. Dragon Challenge (Chinese Fireball)
18. Dragon Challenge (Hungarian Horntail)
19. Talon at Dorney Par
20. Patriot at Worlds of Fun
21. Great Bear at Hersheypark
22. Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park
23. Monster at Walygator Parc
24. Flight Deck at California's Great America
25. Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm
26. Raptor at Cedar Point


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1. Great Bear(Hersheypark)
2. Batman: The Ride(Six Flags Great Adventure)
3. Dragon Challenge(Chinese Fireball)
4. Dragon Challenge(Hungarian Horntail)
5. Alpengeist(Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

Edward M

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1. Patriot- great pacing and a perfect Zero-G roll makes this a near perfect ride
2. Batman, SFOG- intensity and non-stop pace is fantastic. I also enjoy the theming at this certain Batman
3. Batman, SFSL- same as Georgia's except not as good theme
4. Nemesis Inferno- I actually enjoyed this one. I enjoy the lakes and kind of intense ride. Thought it was a ton of fun.
5. Dueling Dragons Ice- as a kid I really loved this. Looking back it was good but not that good. I liked the Zero-G and Cobra Roll
6. Dueling Dragons Fire- I remember not liking this as much because it didn't have the Zero-G or Cobra Roll but had still enjoyed it.
7. Raptor- only B&M Invert I just don't like. Good drop, loop, and Zero-G then just a rough and bland ride. Did enjoy the final helix though


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1. Oz'Iris - has a great first drop with no pre-drop, decent ride length and the perfect mix of forcefulness and floaty fun. One of those coasters you could sit on all day <3

2. Nemesis - I love its' unique, compact layout and blinding helix. Probably my most-ridden coaster ever yet it still takes my breath away, plus it has aged really well.

3. Black Mamba - excellent themeing, well paced inversions, very smooth and forceful.

4. Dragon Challenge Hungarian Horntail - I prefer this one to its' Fireball counterpart, mainly for the lovely long over banked turn after the first drop.

5. Nemesis Inferno - I always enjoy riding this coaster because I don't expect much from it. The pre-lift tunnel section is fab.

6. Dragon Challenge Chinese Fireball - last but certainly not least! Solid coaster with some cool, forceful moments, but out of all the BiMverts it's slightly lacking on the wow factor for me.


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1. Afterburn- Such a good coaster! Sick drop, sik wingover, sick helix, excellent trains, beautiful to look at, I love this thing! I get off feeling amazing and ready to ride Intimidator and go home every time!
2. Alpengeist- Why does everybody rag on this one? It isn't as forceful as Afterburn is but it's still pretty great. I find it pretty disorienting and smooth.
3. Raptor- Love the drop, wingover, and OMG that helix! <3
4. Batman- Found it forgettable. Nothing special about it.

Adding Montu in November & Banshee next April.


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2012Jarrett said:
Alpengeist- Why does everybody rag on this one?

The inversions were a lot of fun (I actually really liked the cobra roll!). You really get a sense of how fast the train goes in the first drop. And The footchoppers and theming are awesome!

CoasterMac305 said:
Alpengeist (except entering the cobra roll and the transition into the brake run)
Again, I really enjoyed the cobra roll, and despite the fact that transitions in the brake runs aren't perfect, I quite liked the jerkiness.


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The thing about Alpie to me was not that it was bad just that it wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be, at least the first time I rode it. A case of hype killing the ride maybe. It was solid and the theme is really top notch, love the station and the cars, but I'm not sure it's top 10 for me.


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1. Batman- I love the forces, relatively tight layout, the pacing, and the loop-zeroG-loop combo. No question on this one for me.

2. Montu- Overall it's a solid ride, but the only thing that particularly stood out was the amazing batwing. I wasn't a fan of the zero-g roll, it just didn't work for me.

3. Afterburn- It's very close to Montu, and also highlighted by the batwing.

4. Raptor- It's a good ride. Nothing really stood out, but I don't have anything bad to say either.

5. Dueling Dragons Fire- The ride just doesn't feel complete. The layout is short and doesn't really do much. It's more forceful than ice though, which keeps it out of last place for me.

6. Dueling Dragons Ice- Like Fire, Ice just feels incomplete. It also doesn't seem to pack as much of a punch as its counterpart.


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1 - Nemesis - Alton Towers
2 - Great Bear - Hersheypark
3 - Talon - Dorney Park
4 - Raptor - Cedar Point
5 - Nemesis Inferno
6 - Batman - SFGAdv


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Whats so bad about Raptor? Its getting a bad rep from this topic. I rode it last year when i went to cedar point and i loved it.


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B&M Inverts, Best to Worst

Batman (SFGAm)

Great Bear- the thing just slowly meanders around most of the time


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Re: B&M Inverts, Best to Worst

CedarPoint27 said:
Whats so bad about Raptor? Its getting a bad rep from this topic. I rode it last year when i went to cedar point and i loved it.

There is nothing wrong with it. I think it's intensity is just right. Although, I'm looking forward to riding Montu next month, to see how it compares.

The Batman clones are good rides, but they make my head spin a little more than I'd like.


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I remember getting some headbanging on Raptor, which kind of ruined it for me. Then again, I've only ridden it once. :p


Matt SR
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The criticism comes more from a perceived lack of intensity during the second half of Raptor's layout.


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CedarPoint27 said:
Whats so bad about Raptor? Its getting a bad rep from this topic. I rode it last year when i went to cedar point and i loved it.

It's a fine ride....when compared to a Vekoma SLC. When compared to other B&M inverts it is a miss. But thats like saying getting an A- on your finals is bad...


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I've only ridden two: Silver Bullet and Batman. I liked both of them, but Silver Bullet was definitely better because it was bigger, faster, more forceful, etc. I rode it in the front row with a lot of room in my restraints. Fantastic ride.