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"The Rotterdam Amusement Park, which was under construction, founded by Hennie van der Most, is already receiving a blow. The arrival of two major attractions, including a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop Coaster, is suddenly canceled due to stricter safety requirements, according to the founder. The attraction that many fans were looking for, the launch roller coaster by beloved manufacturer Schwarzkopf, will not come anyway. This is the founder of Hennie van der Most to the Dutch Algemeen Dagblad. According to Mr. van der Most, the attraction was canceled due to stricter safety requirements. "I probably have to make all kinds of adjustments, which can cost one million euros, or maybe one and a half, and I do not want to embark on an adventure like that." The tens of meters high thrill ride 'Evolution' is also being deleted. Both attractions will be sold abroad. The cancellation is quite unexpected, as Hennie van der Most said in an interview with Brakesection Magazine last month that they were busy with the Shuttle Loop and were talking to a firm in Canada to renovate the launch. In the site of the two top attractions, van der Most plans a large theater that should be there by 2020."


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Apparently this is still underway, somewhat. This picture is from April 30:


This page has a bunch of construction updates, in reverse chronological order, starting a bit down the page. That's where I found the picture above: