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Astroworld is coming back after people wasn’t expecting Six Flags Astroworld closed down for good in 2005.

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We all know that Travis Scott wants to bring back Astroworld in Houston, Texas. It first opened in 1968 when park owner, Roy Hofheinz, developed a massive 116-acres theme park and it was a success. He survived a stroke two years after opening and then sold to Six Flags in 1975 until the park was unexpectedly closed down for good in 2005. Kieran Burke is the one who announced to shut down the park after given its final year of operations and demolished in 2006. He was fired for the company that lost $20 million for the park’s demolishment.

Where will the new Astroworld will be located in the Houston area? What rides/attractions will the park get? What park operat will acquire the new Astroworld?

My opinion for location: The New Astroworld will be located at the same location that the park used to be.

My opinion for rides/attractions:
Flat Rides:
*Chance Rides Carousel
*Vekoma Pirate Ship
*Intamin Gyro-Drop Tower
*S&S Screamin Swing
*Vekoma Ferris Wheel
*Zamperla Giant Discovery
*Zamperla Disk’O
*Larson Super Looper
*Built-In Helter Skelter
*Zamperla Rockin’ Tag
*Other kiddie rides
*S&S Triple Tower (Space Shot, Turbo Shot, and Spin Shot)
*Mondial Top Scan
*Funtime Starflyer

Roller Coasters:
*Gerstlauer Takabisha clone
*Chance Lightning Run clone
*S&S 4D Free Spin
*Zamperla Junior Coaster
*Gravity Group Family Wooden Coaster
*B&M Surfing Coaster

Water Rides:
*Mack Log Flume
*Intamin Giga Splash

My opinion for park operator: Herschend Family Entertainment and Meme World Parks & Resorts
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