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They're not insinuating anything, they're literally suggesting that this could be a money laundering scheme, to which I agree?

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Yeah there's something very strange about this place, from the budget-level marketing videos to the ridiculous amount of attractions with seemingly no thought to what a park would need (so many rides that are basically the same thing) and the radio silence for so long on when it's going to open.

Would be a nice way for some government employees (it is government owned isn't it?) to spend a fortune to their 'friends in the industry' to get a park built, then write it off on insurance if it fails somehow.

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Very exciting indeed to see 17 credits at the park, even if they aren't exactly the best of credits! This park kind of reminds me of a bad rip-off of Cedar Point or SFMM.


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Well for those of you wondering why this park isnt open yet.

"Ankapark was the idea of the former mayor of Ankara, Melih Gökçek. Melih became the subject of a corruption investigation related to how public funds were used, including funding for Ankapark. Melih Gökçek was removed from office and last known to be under a criminal investigation. Construction at Ankapark was halted in 2017 as a result. Ankara's new mayor is not in favor of the park, but acknowledges considerable investment has been made and has suggested the future to be determined by a referendum. Little information is available to further this story, but it appears as recent as May 2018, the park's lease has been granted. This suggests the park will remain, but the opening will no doubt be hindered by a lot of political red tape."

That is from the RCDB. There seems to be stuff going on right now but someone who can speak Turkish or Legal stuff might be able to make head or tail of this.

The third article of the Law " Amendment in Certain Laws No. 7144 " dated 25 May 22018 amended the Atatürk Forest Farm Law.

With this change, Ankapark has been allocated free of charge to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for renting the third place.

He went out three times.

Source: TMMOB, click to enlarge
Following the amendment of the law, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality opened a tender on June 14, 2018 to rent Ankapark for 29 years; the bidders did not come out. The tender has been postponed to June 28, 2018.

The Union of Turkish Engineers and Architects Chamber (TMMOB) Chamber of Urban Planners Ankara Branch announced that the tender price is slightly less than 40 percent of the cost of Ankapark.

The second tender was canceled because it was missing in the file of the only firm that submitted the offer.

The third tender held on July 18, 2018 was not yet an offerer and was postponed until 2 August.

TMMOB sued
In this process, the Chamber of Urban Planners Chamber of Ankara and the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Cadastre Engineers filed a lawsuit against the Constitutional Court for the cancellation and abatement of the tender.

TMMOB Chamber of Urban Planners Ankara Branch explained that "Historical, cultural and spatial values like Atatürk Forest Farm disappear with irrational projects that have no scientific support, applicability and sustainability, and the public resources are used without any worries" with billions of liras spent.

The endless project of Gökçek
Ankapark Project of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's former President Melih Gökçek. After Gökçek's resignation, Mustafa Tuna, who replaced him in November 2017, announced that one of his first actions would be the completion of Ankapark.

The Ankapark, which started construction on the AOC in 2013, could not be opened during the period of Melih Gokcek.

The cost will find 2 billion
Mustafa Tuna announced that 64 million would be spent to repair the old part of the park, which was partially completed but was idle because it had not been opened. He also said that until the opening of the Danube, the total expenditure would reach 2 billion liras .

TMMOB: "Toy Stack"
The Chamber of Urban Planners of the TMMOB Ankara branch repeats the following call:

"Ankapark named toys are removed and the land is used in accordance with the founding values of Atatürk Orman Çiftliği.

"Kamuyu, this enormous harm suffered mainly İ. Melih Gökçek and all the responsible judges. "(HK)


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Wait, so there really was something fishy about this project? Who could have seen that coming?!?

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It's really not going to open though, is it.
I still have faith! The team behind it seem like a dedicated bunch!

Anyway, back on to Ankapark. I really hope that someone acquires and opens the park soon. The scale of it looks obscene; 17 roller coasters is quite the number for a new theme park!


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The scale of it looks obscene; 17 roller coasters is quite the number for a new theme park!
Yeah they really did go for quantity not quality though - when the star attraction out of 17 coasters is a Colossus clone (with minor updates) you know the bar is low.

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Yeah they really did go for quantity not quality though - when the star attraction out of 17 coasters is a Colossus clone (with minor updates) you know the bar is low.
I suppose. For anyone who's ridden, are the Colossus clones any less rough than the original Colossus?