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Angry Birds Land 25th May


Hyper Poster
So today Me,Dan,Ian,Jordan,Sarah and Darren went to Thorpe Park for the second day of angry birds land or should I say blangry birds bland.

I started the day off at 6:00 in the morning to top up my oyster and get the 287 to barking I got to the station about 7:00 waiting for my train to west ham so I could catch the jubilee to Waterloo to then also catch the train to Staines. When I got to Staines I was deciding to walk too Thorpe Park but the Thorpe express or as me and Jordan call it the chavtastic bus the journey was ok but all the chavs were too noisy.

Got off the Chavtastic bus at 9:30 and waited in the plaza for the main gates to open bute being a wally nearly went through the Merlin annual pass entrance. My first views of the park was exciting hearing mixed reviews about the 7 rollercoasters here. My first impression of the done was wow because of all these restaurants. At about 9:45 I saw Dan waiting so I went over and introduced myself we got on pretty well, I then met dans sister and we had a conversation about how I got here. I also met Delpiero and his son who was going to get his fish credit.

After everyone got there we went into the park, we first of all went to Swarm but it was busy so we all decided my first credit of the day would be Flying Fish.

My opinion on fish:
I had heard about Fish but never knew what it was going to be like and to be honest I thought some corners were jerky and I didn't like it but other than that good ride good layout and they also gave us 3 laps which was pretty good sat next to Ian we got to know each other the bonding of fish.
We next had a ride on X now people hated it when it was backwards but most of the cfers loved it and said it was better.

My opinion of X:
I had heard of it as no way out and that it used to be a very bad ride but new for 2013 X forwards and I thought it was brilliant, The coloured shapes going up the lift hill was amazing and the ride was pretty intense as you could only see lasers a brilliant ride 4th favourite at the park.
After this we met up with Jordan who was a wally and got the wrong train and was stranded on Guildford station he was for a train to chertsey he eventually made it. So we went up to nemesis inferno and had a look around at angry birds land.

Nemesis inferno is the sequel to the original one at Alton towers. This was my first ride on a B&M invert and all I can say is thanks Darren for the advice I put the restraint down and didn't hold on because I realised how smooth it was I only held on at the drop but it was so intense at the back I loved it.

My opinion on inferno:
Brilliant ride I'd heard this was the one to look out for seeing as its either 10 or 11 years old its definitely not showing its age in smoothness think they should repaint it over close season 2nd favourite on park.

Now after that I was ready to take my chance on the intamin looper colossus. This ride is definitely showing its age it's rough on the cobra and heart line I felt pain its not the best ride at the park but its the one that made Thorpe what it is today.

We were all starting to get hungry so we tried the BBQ joint pretty nice had bacon burger with cheese was nice but very filling after we finished the food we were going to go on the rapids but the 4D experience sounded better.
It was a very good attraction good storyline but after while it started repeating itself and getting overused but good ride next was stealth.

Stealth the ride I was looking forward to and it didn't disappoint the launch was so intense in the ride photo my face looks priceless and everyone said I looked funny. After that we had a break and decided to tidal wave and I really wanted to do this front row it was brilliant wet isn't even an understatement until some cruel people yes Darren Jordan and Dan I'm talking made me stand and get hit by water luckily it's warm so I dried off abit next up looking in the tack shop and as you guess they sold nice tack.

But anyway the time I had been waiting for The Swarm omg the best ride at the park, sitting on the left hand side is good but it was interesting going over the loop after the lift the highlight of the ride also being on the outside I had more headchoppers and footchoppers the billboard as well I felt like I was going to hit so I ducked both times we past it.

Anyway the last rollercoaster that I hadn't done Saw:The Ride a gerstaleur nutorious or giving out bumpy rides and headaches so it was not what I looking forward to, walking past the horror maze it makes it look like an abandoned thing why don't they just open it on peak days instead of fright night anyway it looked boring. So saw the queue line outside was rubbish full of mouldy mannequins and of course rusting jigsaw traps would the inside live up to what I thought would be good it weren't anyway got second car back row we saw jigsaw say something the little was intense I got abit wet from the corkscrew element and then we came to the bit I hate the vertical it weren't as I originally thought it would be but after that it starts getting more intense and forceful and did give me earaches. But anyway that ride was SAWful.

Next we done abit of pandering around with a panda. When Darren left us it was good to meet you we should all do a theme park soon. So we head off to The Swarm leaving the panda on a railing to be found. We just got to The Swarm and Ian had to leave, it was nice meeting you have a good trip. Anyway The Swarm right front row the most intense and brilliant I've ever had that's why it is my favourite coaster.

Angry birds land review:
Honestly it doesn't fit at this park it's underwhelming and bland I don't like it because all of sudden there's colourful buildings and then all mouldy buildings as I said at the beginning it should go to chessington.

Anyway it was good to meet some of you guys anyway we should try meet up in the summer and if I'm working at Adventure island some discounted tickets.