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Alton Towers Contact Number??


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I sent a complaint to Alton Towers on 22nd October and they promised a response within 10 working days - I haven't received one. Does anyone here know a number other than the general enquiry lines to get through to?

I've spoke to the enquiry line and they're not based on site - she said there is a bigger backlog than usual with scarefest and the enquiries for fireworks this weekend so to be patient and await a response...

I'm not really happy about it to be fair, the form said 7 working days, as soon I hit send it changed to ten working days on the confirmation page... its now been 14 working days.

She said there's only two people at guest services dealing with e-mails as well... two?? seriously??!


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I've got the direct numbers for the park manager and PR manager but obviously I'm not going to give them out as it's breach of trust.

However, Linkedin is your friend! Search for somebody suitable (Customer Services Manager, or even Park Manager) and then their direct email address will be firstname.surname@alton-towers.com

At least if you direct an email to somebody important it'll increase your chances of getting a response.


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Re: First point, obviously, and understandable.

Re: Second point, thanks, found the name of the Park Operations manager. Will follow that up from work tomorrow.


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^Good luck Pierre and don't let up on what they can do for you. Conor complained about The Smiler fiasco and we ended up with 4 platinum fast passes, four return tickets and half price hotel stay, so it's totally worth holding out for ;)


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^ You had better cause for complaint than me it would seem after their offer to me just now!

Amazing that I wait verging on three weeks with no response, contact the guy I found on LinkedIn and get a response within an hour though.