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Airplane Seats

Which seat?

  • Aisle

    Votes: 4 25.0%
  • Middle

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Window

    Votes: 10 62.5%
  • Other

    Votes: 2 12.5%

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So because this is just SUCH an interesting topic ( :goon2: ) that I spent a while discussing with someone yesterday, I thought I'd see which airplane seat you guys prefer. Are you a window seat, middle seat, or aisle seat, or do you like those grotesque middle of the aisle rows where your entire flight just ends up sucking if you sit there?

I'm definitely a window seat person, mostly because I like the views and I don't have a weak enough bladdar to have to piss every 5 seconds on every flight. Although when I have some drinks then the window seat does pose a problem with peeing, but whatever.


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Window, but will do aisle if an exit row is available and the window seat in that row has gone already.

Luckily, since I tend to mostly fly by myself, I don't have to worry about the dreaded middle seats since far more people travel in pairs.


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I'm strictly aisle. Long legs + back pain = needing to stretch on long flights. I'm so particular about it I need the right side of the plane so I can stick my left leg out (the one I lack feeling in at times).

Unfortunately for my wife, that means she tackles middle.
In her words, she would rather be squished in the middle next to me. Than sitting next to a stranger. Typically she passes out on flights so I'm just a glorified pillow to her.

Only time I will take window is if it is a 2 on side plane, and I'm either with her, or its a short flight.

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I haven't been on a plane in a while, but typically I like Window seats for shorter trips, aisle for long ones. **** the middle seat.

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It's pretty fab on those smaller 25 person planes when the seats are configured as one on one side and two on the other. So if you get the row with just the single seat, you get window and aisle <3


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I'm selfish so I like being able to look out and don't give a **** about moving people when I need a piss. Plus you can lean on it when it's time for sleep.


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I'm always a bit disappointed if I don't have a window seat.

Flying for me is so incredible and surreal and to this day I still can't quite believe we can get these huge machines in the air. To make the most of it you've got to have the view.

I hate it when you're sitting next to a person with a window seat and they decide to pull the blind down for the whole flight for no reason.


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Depends how long the flight is. On shorter flights I'll go for the window cause I do like to watch the view outside.
On longer flights though I'll choose an aisle seat as I go to the toilet a lot and I hate the thought of constantly bothering someone.


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Window because I'd rather stare at beautiful aerial views than directly at the back of a Ryanair/Easyjet seat. I also kinda hate aisle seats because it's a pain when you want a nap. Easier just to lean against the window.


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Window! Not bothered about toilet access, I refuse to go to the toilet at altitude anyway in case it triggers some kind of groundhog day style time loop.


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My preferences go something like that. :lol: Window is clearly the best, as the view is always fab and I don't mind asking to get up for the loo.

I flew on an A380 recently, and a seat where you can see the wing is fantastic. The amount of deflection that the wing experiences, along with how giant the surface actually is, is wonderful to watch. Engineering FTW.

Although on short flights I couldn't care less really...


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on the subject of reclining - some train first class carriages have a fairer way of reclining that only squashes the recliners legs...


if only planes could do that!!


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^ Surely that needs a certain amount of legroom to work in the first place, since the top recliner doesn't actually reduce legroom for the person behind as much as headroom.

Back to the topic, window seat. I enjoy looking at things.


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People who recline their seats are worse than Hitler.


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^Very true. Also maybe 95% of the time I've seen people with plenty of leg room or small legs recline, which makes it even worse than if you really had no space a ka long legs (like I do), but anyhow it's wrong.

I also prefer the window seat, because the cabin personnel and people walking past tend to push my shoulders every now and then when sitting by the aisle.