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Adventureland | Dragon Slayer | S&S Freespin | 2021

I mean they've probably planned its replacement before the pandemic but surely not a coaster? I'm not gonna jump to any conclusions about this yet, but since it is 2021, personally if they were looking at a coaster then I would go for either Gerstlauer or Vekoma. Vekoma because they are absolutely bargains for new generation quality and they've worked with Gerstlauer before.

But whatever it is, that teaser poster with the dragon looked cool
RMC Raptor, maybe? It would fit pretty well within the park.
Just depends on price range tbf. I'm not sure how much Railblazer cost but I know that Monster, their last big investment, was around $9m so anything below that could be alright. Unless they wanted to go above that which is highly unlikely but not completely out of the question at this early stage


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Kinda bummed about this, Hopkins was based in New Hampshire before relocating to Florida...so Dragon was one of the few New England built coasters..... and while the prelift part was...bad... the loops were powerful, like Schwarzkopf power.

Also, this would be the first Hopkins coaster to -officially- die

Edit, actually this closed a month ago :| https://rcdb.com/2407.htm


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Is there anything to suggest this isn't just a refurb at the moment? It's been done with a few coasters recently.

I mean it seems likely its being taken down but I haven't seen any confirmation either way.

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Good to see Adventureland seemingly flourishing a little more in recent years; this will be their third coaster built in the last 5 years! Take into account that Phoenix and Monster were hardly small for a park of Adventureland’s size, and it really is nice to see! Are they in a growth period of sorts at the moment, as they only built Phoenix last year and Monster only opened in 2016? Only asking as that seems like a lot of money for a seemingly rather small independent park to spend in 5 years!

Also good to see that the park is seemingly pressing ahead with this project in spite of COVID-19!


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So if Dragon does end up being replaced by a new coaster, what could we be looking at? A family or thrill coaster? I imagine it will be on the cheaper side, but of course I would hope for a thrill coaster since it would be replacing a thrill coaster. Clueless to what it would be though, I think pretty much anything within reason could be a possibility.
I think cause Phoenix was family and 3 years earlier Monster was thrill, using that pattern I believe it will be thrill. I'm personally hoping for either a Vekoma Shockwave (Abyssus), Vekoma Suspended Thrill Coaster (Hals-über-Kopf), RMC Raptor Coaster (Railblazer) or (my dream option) is an Intamin/Mack Multi Launch (Taron/Helix).