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2012 CF WC R1 - (7) BBH VS (10) CoasterCrazy

Who Should Advance?

  • #7 BBH

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • #10 CoasterCrazy

    Votes: 4 57.1%

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Strata Poster
Slightly long? Dude, it took my mini monster (Quarry Surfer. That atrocious flyer) nearly 2 hours to record itself ingame!


Giga Poster
..and when I exit and reenter the flying camera and press record...the screen unexpectedly turns grey :?
Let's just hope my "fiddling skills" will be superlative to the quality of this:


Try full screen for even worse quality! Movie Maker claims to increase quality, so I'll attempt to use that, which sadly means no Nemesis Inferno clip. :(


Giga Poster
Even on my crappy computer (the other one, not the one I usually use) it records faster than that...I don't really know what to say but that it's up to you...you all already know how much effort I put into my work, so I will always choose the high-quality option over the quick one.


Giga Poster
Yeah I use the Ctrl+Shift+F11 or simply F1 in my case, for the recording.

But it stems down to preference and need really.

I, like Derek prefer to use the ingame tools, yes it takes time, but you know what your getting quality wise, I have a brand new PC and it records now quicker than the old one, but the crispness is faultless.
I don`t mind messing about waiting forever to record something, you have all een one of my rides, the amount of presentation that go into them is about 2 or 3 days worth to record all the footage from different angles, pov`s and plastering up the footage into a move.
£ days from the first hit of F1 to YouTube, that`s a fair time but I don`t mind because it suits my style of play and you know what your getting quality wise.

However FRAPS does have it`s advantages, with regards to speed obviously, if you don`t have the time to mess around with slow ingame recording, then FRAPS could potentially be lifesaver. especially in a short round competition like this.

Its really up to you really, I personally will be using ingame as always, top tip: for recording POV`s set your computers sleep settings to like 3 hours so it don`t shut off, set your POV up to record, start recording, and as it slows down, just leave it and go walk the dog or something or play Xbox, that's what I always do.


Giga Poster
So here we are. After numerous modifications and many hindrances during the filming, here it is...with the Nemesis inferno introduction and superlative quality. Well done BBH, and let's commence with the voting!


Check out the aforementioned pictures!

Note this is my first completed entry to a competition! :--D


Giga Poster
Great job to both of you for getting your entries in on time!

I will start with BBH because he (sort of) submitted first. Although you already know a lot of my opinions on your entry because of our PMs but I'll give a quick review of the improved version. Glad to see you fixed up that face-smacking issue we talked about...it was really distracting from the ride experience. In terms of layout it was nothing too special, but I did like the increasing bunny hills at the end. Still, your coaster doesn't stick to the terrain well enough for me to instinctively think "oh, that's a terrain coaster". Always like the use of diagonal track when it comes to woodies though so props there. The setting is great in my opinion aside from the overall theme which I still think needs a better backstory/needs more scenery to explain it. Just don't forget what the only stipulation is and that will go far in my book. I do choose the best coaster, but following the rules of a comp are highly important in my eyes. A huge step up from Maximum Overdrive, but just try to work on the things I've talked with you about.

Alright CoasterCrazy, we all knew you were a bit of a wild card (along with Intricks) since we hadn't seen much work from you in a while and no comp entries. But that didn't stop you from making what is (in my opinion) the best coaster of the competition so far...and by a significant margin. The first bit in that upper mountain pond area sold me. I love how the track interacts with itself while sticking close to the terrain...a great little element. And you know what, the terrain elements didn't stop there...you maintained a closeness to the ground virtually throughout the entire layout, something that almost no one has done so far. And then there's that hill with the banking at the top. I can't tell if I hate it or am in love with it, but I think it's growing on me the more I see it haha. Overall, forces were good, although that one dip after the weird banked hill has some killer ejector following it. Barring that, good overall with forces. And of course I appreciate the tunnel made with the Jurassic rocks although it could be executed a little better although I know it's tough working with those. Terraforming, eh could use a little work making it look a little more realistic. And then we have your station. Fantastic considering the lack of CS. The brake run at the end is a nice touch. Also, presentation was great, nice shots of the coaster, smooth POV and fitting (I guess ;-)) music. All in all, a spectacular entry especially for the first round.

Alright, so as you all can probably tell, my vote goes to CoasterCrazy. Great submissions both of you and it brings me joy to see the improvement that both of you have made.


Giga Poster
Thanks a lot ! It's really motivation to receive such complimentary feedback! I understand about the killer airtime :--D ...which is quirky but also lethal, and if I had CS the tunnel (which seems unfinished) would be completely changed. Hopefully I can get some CTRs and CS for the next round :)


Giga Poster
Thanks all to whoever voted for me, and if you didn't, I respect your decision. :) Now I have more time to work on Vampire, but I'd still like that custom title. :(