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100th Coaster Road Trip Great Adventure June 2nd & 3rd

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Only one day after graduating High School my friends John, Brian, Ben, and I traveled down to New Jersey to visit Six Flags Great Adventure. I snagged a local fair coaster only a couple days before we left to get my 99th coaster so going into the park the first ride would be my 100th coaster. The drive down was pretty fun. Massachusetts and Rhode Island were a breeze as well as New York and New Jersey. The only rough part is Connecticut. Connecticut is the most boring state to drive through and it wasn't any fun until the drive back when we would stop in a magical area to be named later.

100th coaster , Skull Mountain Madness, Days 1 and 2.

We arrived at the park and it was really exciting seeing all of the coasters from the lot. Both days at the park were dead as you will see in our Skull Mountain extravaganza in day 2. The unveiling of the 100th coaster is here. My 100th coaster is ............El Freakin Toro.

El Toro is quite the ride. It was spectacular. I have been waiting to ride this thing since I became a enthusiast. It did not disappoint It easily jumped up as the best wooden coaster that I've been on. It couldn't quite become number 1 of all the coasters but it is still a flawless ride. The drop, speed, and massive moments of airtime make this thing amazing. We rode it 3-4 times and each time got better. In my opinion this however isn't the best in the park.

After the bull we hit up Runaway Mine Train and it was pretty much what I expected.

Its an old arrow mine train I didn't have good expectations. It was bumpy but by far not the worst coaster I have been on. But won't be very high up on the list either. We only rode it once.

After this we went to one of the most beautiful coasters in the park Bizarro.

I was excited to ride this since I love floorless coasters and I rode his not so twin brother in New England. This Bizarro was obviously not as good as his brother but he was also very good. Sweet inversions, good theme, and like it said so beautiful. It had a little spot after the cobra that was a tad rough but overall a solid coaster for me. We rode about 3-4 times over the two days

After Bizarro we went to a coaster I had very bad expectations for after riding Mantis. But here we go with Green Lantern another beautiful looking coaster with awesome theming as well.

Green Lantern was 10x better then Mantis. I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. It was quite fun except that it had technical difficulties while we were in the restraints. It got up and running and we were off. It was way better then I thought I was actually scared. However it was pretty good and can't complain too much. The others didn't like it so we only rode it once. We got some food and then we headed to the other side of the park where we picked up tons of coasters. First Blackbeard.

Not horrible at all. I knew I would like it after Catwoman and Rudy's Rapid Transit. We rode it twice but it was nothing to write home about.

We then would go bananas over the two days on this next one Skull Mountain.

Day 1 Rides on Skull Mountain - 1
Day 2 Rides on Skull Mountain - 21

We rode it once the first day but then the second day we went off. We marathoned it for 4 rides on two separate occasions on the second day and then it started to rain with a hour left in the day. Only Dark Knight and Skull Mountain were open and we did Skull Mountain on repeat until we got to 10 minutes before park close. The grand total was 22. I wanted to die at ride number 14 and was absolutely miserable on ride 17. It is a fun coaster once or twice but 20 times later it gets horrid. The horrible groaning mummy noise was histerical and the Pantera style music gave me a headache but overall not a bad ride. Just don't do 22 rides. After Skull Mountain we went to what I believe is the best ride in the park. Nitro.

Nitro is the best ride in the park but El Toro is darn close. If I was a wood coaster guy I would probably like El Toro more. But being a steel man Nitro was more my taste. Super smooth, amazing airtime hills, sharp turns, such a awesome ride. We rode it 4 times and the last time was the front row and we were the last ones to go before the rain. I will post the ORP later. Amazing coaster top 5 easily.

After Nitro it was time to credwhore Road Runner Railway.

I have a video that I will upload and post in here later as well but as for the coaster it was a plus 1 and nothing more then that.

After Road Runner we jumped in the Batmobile over to Gotham City.

First was Dark Knight.

It was a fun wild mouse but we only went on it once. The gang didn't want to the preshow again so thats why we went on it once. The ride was fun but I don't know how the preshow relates to the ride at all. The annoying siren at the end was brutal.

Now the worst coaster at the park.

Holy Ouch Batman! I hated this coaster. I have loved every B&M invert I have been on but this was not fun whatsoever. Very rough ride. My head was banging all over the place. I couldn't bare to do this ride one more time. NO BUENO.

Finally we finish on a good note with Superman Ultimate Flight.

With my only other flying coaster experience being Scream Zones Soarin Eagle I didn't have a good reputation for flying coasters. I knew a B&M and a volare are totally different things but still a flying coaster. This ride was so sick. The pretzel loop on your back was the most comfy I have ever been on a roller coaster. This was one of my greatest coaster experiences. Just how smooth the coaster is and the way you can feel like a super hero I adored this ride.

Overall Six Flags Great Adventure was amazing and I can't wait to go back. The only other park I have been to by Six Flags is New England which I can't stand and Great Adventure blew it out of the water. The overall park atmosphere is so much better. The quality of the rides is better, the food, the employees, even the guests seemed to be more pleasant to be around. Tomorrow I will post about random adventures in a somewhat famous Connecticut town as well as reviews and my thoughts on the others rides we went on (notcoasters) as well as my sadness of missing Kingda Ka, our orp on Nitro, and the credwhoring video of Road Runner Railway. Thanks for reading!


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I might be visiting Great Adventure later this summer so it was cool to read a TR about it.

Interesting about your experience with Batman. It looks like a pretty good ride to me, maybe you got a bad ride or something?

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Yeah I was upset I loved Talon, Great Bear, Dragon Challenge:Chinese Fireball and Raptor. It might of been a bad ride but it was just not fun. Maybe it was just because I really liked everything else.

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On the way home we stopped in one of the greatest places ever. Mianus.

Before then we passed some great town names like.


The Oranges


and Mahwah

We also stopped in New Egypt at tooties.

Left to Right Ben. John, Me

Darn Great Adventure speed limit.

If anyone is a fan of jackass the tv show you will love these next few.
Filter Plant in Mianus

General Store in Mianus which is now a deli.

Goodbye from Jersey!