1. Matt N

    Alton Towers 25th/26th March 2023

    25th March 2023: Alton Towers Day 1 Hi guys. Today was an exciting day; it was my first visit to Alton Towers of the season! But this visit was particularly exciting for a different reason… my parents and I brought my grandad along with us for what was not just his first ever visit to Alton...
  2. CoasterWild

    Notable Deaths 2023

    Just starting the game again with the breaking news that motorsport legend Ken Block has been killed in a snowmobile accident at the age of 55: https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/motoring/motoring-news/driving-legend-ken-block-killed-in-tragic-crash/news-story/86b3fb0d1059984c782b15cfdc8c9367
  3. J

    2023 Goals

    My goals for 2023 is passed Calc 1 and to face my fears and ride all the coasters at my home park Six Flags St Louis. What is everyone’s goals for 2023?
  4. TPoseOnTantrum

    Six Flags 2023 | Racing P'Sghetti Bowl Coasters at Two Parks?

    Might as well make a thread for this while it's still a rumor. After a rather disastrous earnings report from Six Flags due to... err, the new strategy, Selim Bassoul made a full 180 and stated that they would restart capital investment at their parks again. New rides and coasters, pronto...
  5. Serena

    The Return of Nemesis Sub Terra?

    I love Nemesis Sub Terra. I also love rumours (and I don't just mean my favourite album by Fleetwood Mac) So imagine my joy when I saw murmurings on Twitter that something is going on with Nemesis Sub Terra. (Link to tweet) First, Alton Towers did an April Fools tweet saying it was going to...
  6. Matt N

    Could something be happening to Duel at Alton Towers for 2023?

    Hi guys. Within the past few weeks, some rumours have been swirling about Duel at Alton Towers, or more specifically about its future. Building upon this, Theme Park Worldwide today posted a video speculating on potential changes coming to Duel for 2023: Now I’m not just citing a YouTube video...
  7. TPoseOnTantrum

    Aeronautica Landing | Carowinds | Flat Rides | 2023

    Okee, so ParkFans.net has been on a roll recently with uncovering major new projects. I dislike their ego sometimes (see: Tumbili revenge leak) but holy **** the results of their digging are simply incredible. This time around, after some recent rumors and teasing reported per Screamscape...
  8. Matt N

    Canada’s Wonderland building a coaster for 2023? (Numbered markings sighted)

    Hi guys. Amusement Insiders has just been at Canada’s Wonderland, and apparently there are a lot of numbered markings spanning a fairly large area (White Water Canyon and Action Theatre, if anyone's been): As he says in the video, markings of course don’t mean for sure that a coaster is coming...
  9. Matt N

    SeaWorld San Diego | Arctic Rescue | Intamin Family Launch Coaster | 2023

    It would seem that SeaWorld San Diego are replacing Wild Arctic with a new Arctic-themed experience in 2021. They've said that it will be under 30ft tall, and they have also indicated that the Penguin Encounter may be refurbished. Here's what Lance from Screamscape had to say about it: In my...