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Canada’s Wonderland building a coaster for 2023? (Numbered markings sighted)

Matt N

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Hi guys. Amusement Insiders has just been at Canada’s Wonderland, and apparently there are a lot of numbered markings spanning a fairly large area (White Water Canyon and Action Theatre, if anyone's been):
As he says in the video, markings of course don’t mean for sure that a coaster is coming, but they are a fairly good sign. So my question to you is; what are your thoughts? Could this be a coaster for 2023, or is it for something more mundane, like utility work?

I hope I might actually be onto something here, and this isn’t like the mistake I made about Knott’s the other day…


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How do we know it’s going to be called Ziz? All we know is that there’s markings at CW, as far as I know.

The park map has been updated:



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How do we know it’s going to be called Ziz? All we know is that there’s markings at CW, as far as I know.
Leviathan, Behemoth and Ziz are three legendary beasts from Jewish mythology. The Behemoth is an unconquerable land monster, while the Leviathan is a deep-dwelling sea monster, and Ziz is the primordial monster bird of the skies. As soon as Yukon Striker's tunnel began construction, everyone assumed it'd be named Ziz because of this, along with the fact that Behemoth and Leviathan's names have already been used in the park.
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Getting past the fact that this is an Amusement Insiders video - because that's a factor to consider here on multiple fronts - this area has been on the change bucket list for some time now; there are drafted plans I believe that would have originally seen Leviathan built in the centre of Whitewater Canyon. As sad as I would be to see the park's only good water ride, outdoor haunt attraction, and tons of very valuable trees go (I speak for the trees), a new attraction here is a valid possibility. Park's been closed for a year and a half with little-to-no financial support from the government and a low opportunity for profit this year, could use a booster. Personally I'd rather see something be done with the Flight Deck/Time Warp area first.

Of course, this could all just be utility work as mentioned, I'm just getting ahead of myself.

Lori Marie Loud

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Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 08-11-31 News Rumours.pngScreenshot 2021-07-09 at 08-11-38 News Rumours.png
Well. Ain't that view number cursed?

Also, if there are number markings, that sounds like a pretty good guess. Markings like this seem to be part of Step 3.