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    As the predicted queue line ever been wrong and it's taken longer than the expected time ?

    At WDW a cast member hand out to random guests a lanyard with I guess a timer inside it when you enter the queue line. You then hand the lanyard to the cast member as you board the ride. Seems a simple enough and fairly accurate way of doing it.
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    Woman injured after metal object strikes her from Top Thrill Dragster train.

    This is awful. Really hope she pulls through. Metal parts just shouldn't be flying off coaster trains. Surely all Intamin launches that have that same bracket on the train should be closed and that part inspected?
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    Records or claims that never made sense to you?

    Th13teen when it was being marketed as ' the world’s first Psychoaster'. They really scraped the barrel for that one.
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    CWOA | Project Amazon | B&M Wing Coaster (Jumanji Land?)| 2023

    This is my only problem with it. This needs to have 1.1/1.2m like Vampire & DF. If you are going for first thrill with a 1.4m height restriction then go all out and build a thrilling layout? Arguably Dragon’s Fury will be more intense than this. Other than that it’s very interesting and I...
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    Walt Disney World

    Can you imagine the first few weeks of this opening. Every Disney influencer and Vlogger videoing and taking pictures of everything. Would kill any immersion they are trying to create. But yea this is definitely not going to last long, I give it 5 years before it just becomes a Star Wars themed...
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    Cancelled theme park projects you wish had come to fruition

    Agreed, only time Universal have truly dipped their toes into a European park but it was for such a short time. They still created immersive attractions at PA like Sea Odyssey and Templo del Fuego in the 5 years or so they owned it so you could see the direction it would have headed in. There...
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    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    If only Universal had the initial proposal rather than Paramount we may have been onto something here. You could literally cut and paste the Singapore park layout onto this piece of land, throw in some Potter and it would be a licence to print money for Universal and the best park in the UK by...
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    Lost Island Theme Park | Iowa | 2022 (Kanonen relocation)

    Then using the coaster layouts already created on RCT rather than creating a custom layout. Seems a wasted opportunity.
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    Dreamworld Retiring BuzzSaw

    Kind of 2 steps back 1 step forward with the removal of this and ToT but the addition of the new coaster.
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    What were the UK Merlin parks actually like during the Tussauds era?

    90's and early 2000's were peak Tussaud's era, particularly at CWoA and AT in 90's. To echo above the parks definitely felt to have a lot more 'magic' back then with overall cleanliness and general upkeep of the parks just seemed to be better with high quality attractions over quantity. I would...
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    It's Coming Home (Euro 2020)

    They once themed an Oblivion train to the England team for Euro 2004
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    CoasterForce COVID-19 Vaccination Poll

    Fully Vaccinated with AZ. After the first shot felt awful terrible hot and cold sweats & headache. Felt very similar to having Covid but only lasts for 24hrs. After that experience was dreading the Second jab but didn’t have any side effects at all.
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    What is going on with Thorpe park?

    Samurai and Vortex yesterday - Even though the park has had a longer than usual off season to perform maintenance yet looks like both of these are going to be out of action for quite some time. The crane appeared to be dismantling parts of Vortex.
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    WTF Merlin?

    Yea that’s extremely poor show from Merlin there, clearly very happy with their UK Monopoly. Maybe the London Resort planning has a bit more weight about it than suspected if Merlin are willing to go out and make themselves look a bit silly here. They may know something we don’t.
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    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | Mission Ferrari | Dynamic Attractions | ??!?

    Well if a park wants one of these to be their new attraction in 2035 they better start construction this year.