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    Noble Rides - Golden Horse launches European-based subsidiary

    Golden Horse, arguably the most well-known Chinese ride manufacturer, is launching a subsidiary office in Bern, Switzerland. Noble Rides claims it received TÜV certifications. The website currently displays 3 specific models, named NRxxxF, NRxxxFT and NRXxxx series -...
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    What coaster manufacturer would you solely rely on for the rollercoasters in your dream park?

    Giovanola fanboy: - Hypercoaster - Tilt coaster prototype - Inverted coaster - Bobsleigh - Dueling Family Coaster - Stand-up Coaster Obviously not up with the likes of Intamin or Vekoma portfolios, but I'd argue that lineup is worth a detour nonetheless
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    Which Park Will Be The First Western Park To Go Chinese?

    Met and interviewed David Jia, GH's Vice-President at various IAAPA events in 2019. What strikes me is the whole scale of GH's operations. As of 2019, they employed no less than 200 engineers. That's perhaps more than all Western manufacturers combined, and certainly explains the pace at which...
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    Best Coaster One-Two Punch?

    From my limited personal experience: Cedar Point - Maverick and SV, in the same park, in the same ZONE! Twisty snaps on one side, airtime galore on the other. Very complimentary and exciting. Energylandia - Zadra and Hyperion. Intamin's path towards back on top of the industry vs RMC's...
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    Your top 10 coasters in your home country/state

    I got ERT on Yukon Quad with other French goons during opening year. It exceeded my expectations (especially during the second half!) Great raw speed after the second launch. I love the rockbed setting too. I have unconsistent experiences with OzIris. At occasional times it glides very...
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    Your top 10 coasters in your home country/state

    I'm currently based in France: 1 - Monster 2 - Yukon Quad 3 - OzIris 4 - Alpina Blitz 5 - Big Thunder Mountain 6 - Wood Express 7 - Timber 8 - Tonnerre de Zeus (hopefully the full rehab will bring it back to its original glory) 9 - Timber Drop 10 - Triops The recent and upcoming rides will...
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    GCI Titan Track Conversion

    Could this be an opportunity for GCI to showcase irl their new Infinity Flyer trains? New track + New trains, in Orlando near IAAPA seems a fitting marketing ploy.
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    David & Dave Do Stuff (final score).

    Regarding the performance of Lech, my rides in 2017 were considerably more intense than my recent experience this July. From what I gather, Vekoma made adjusted wheel friction in order to tweak the overall speed of the ride. Comparing my 2017 vs 2020 POVs, the former one clearly shows the...
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    A park with the best and worst coaster in one!

    Agree with both Walibi Holland and Energylandia. Not sad to see Viking eventually go, it gave some of the most painful rides I ever experienced. Zadra on the other hand... <3 Honourable mention goes to Sunac Land Hefei. Soaring with Dragon is bliss, Battle of Jungle King shuffles painstakingly...
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    Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021

    Just call the French Invert "Le Monster" Voilà.
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    How many theme parks have you visited since parks reopened?

    In less than 2 months, I managed: 1 Duinrell 2 Efteling 3 Walibi Holland 4 Babyland-Amiland 5 Le Royaume des Enfants (Draveil) 6 Europa-Park :o 7 Tripsdrill 8 Holiday Park 9 Energylandia 10 Legendia 11 Disneyland Paris (tomorrow) After a surprising amount of credding considering the...
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    Top 10(ish): 2021 Edition - page 102

    Long time no update! New in bold. Reridden and moved in italics. 1 - Steel Vengeance (=) 2 - Zadra 3 - Expedition GeForce (-1) 4 - El Toro (=) 5 - Twisted Colossus 6 - Superman: The Ride (-1) 7 - Intimidator 305 8 - Fury 325 9 - Hyperion 10 - Twisted Timbers 11 - Lech Coaster 12 - Schwur des...
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    Intamin Unveils Four New Concepts

    The similarities are obvious. But let us not forget the parks also influence ideas for coaster concepts. We don't have access to behind-the-scenes conversations between manufacturers and parks, most of the time anyway. Nigloland in France asked Mack Rides to build a coaster very similar to...
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    La Récré de 3 Curés | Vertika | Custom Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter

    Vertika will open this Saturday, June 6th, along with the whole park!
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    Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

    You're on point! Mack did hire a young enthusiast coming from the NL2 scene, Stephan Alt. He goes by AltLenny on the internet and created the FVD++ tool if I'm correct. While we're on that topic of passionate young engineers, some shameless self-promotion seems appropriate: I interviewed...