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Top one installed the track upside-down and modified the cars to suit obviously.

Second one looks amazing. Is 2 consecutive loops in that arrangement unique?


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I just love how there are POVs. Even back then, someone thought to put the camera on the train. Just goes to show that this is nothing new... :p


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Bit late to the party but as luck would have it I'm researching one of these at the moment.

That monorail coaster with the upside down triangle track operated for ages (I am unclear if its the same one as Eclaire or a different installation). It was still running in 2007 in the south of France. And was built by Mack of all people.
It ran at Pirat' Park and the nearby Luna Park for a while under the name R2000.
Here are some shots from a trip report there in 2007
R20001.JPG R20002.JPG R20003.JPG R20004.JPG
Trip Report (in French) https://forum.coastersworld.fr/les-trip-reports/(tr)-r2000-et-europark-vias-plage-2007/

A second model existed in the USA and was a racing version. It ran at Playland in Jacksonville Beach in Florida in the 70s and I believe was at the Texas State Fair at least once.
Here is a shot of it in Jacksonville Beach
Jacksonville Beach R2000.jpg
Photo credit Kenny Rutherford

The Jacksonville Beach one is an Elusive little Bu**er. That is the only shot I have seen so far.

I'll post more if i dig anything up though.


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I knew Mack had made one of those types of rides, but I didn't actually know it was that one - that's really interesting. Thanks, roomraider.


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So following up the bizzare mack R2000 racing coaster from Jacksonville Beach seen in my post above.
I have tracked it down finally thanks to some help from a friend in South America.
The ride was moved to Play Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil where it ran for a few years before being sold to a travelling fair and was eventually placed in storage.
Ciclone 7(1).jpg 084351(1).jpg

The good news is the ride is still in storage and viable and has been sold this year to a travelling park called Mega Park where it is expected to run again soon.


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Not a coaster but still an interesting concept from Japanese ride designers Hoei Sangyo. (who are always great for a wacky concept)
This is the Crystal Bird drop tower which profiles each side of the drop tower with a different humped track design.

How comfortable this would actually be remains to be seen but I still kind of want to find out.

Hoei1.jpg Hoei2.jpg Hoei3.jpg

X: Uknown

Best wedding ever:
also Crystal Beach Cyclone goodness:
And finally Sea Serpent from Pacific Ocean Park:
All credit goes to Wolfram von Eschenbach