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Didn't know where else to put these really but this thread seems as good as any :)

If you're going to do a modelling shoot then an abandoned Chinese knock off Zamperla Volare seems a very odd place to do one. But that hasn't stopped one Chinese photographer from trying.

For those wondering the coaster was an attempt by Beijing Shibaolai Amusement Equipment to build a clone of the much disliked Zamperla Volare flying coaster. For whatever reason the ride has sat untouched at the BSA testing site in North East Beijing for a couple of years now.

Vol1.jpg Vol2.jpg Vol3.jpg Vol4.jpg


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Just had this pop up on my random RCDB feed. https://rcdb.com/1409.htm#p=59761
It even had a clone in Jordan!

...and possibly elsewhere before that. Judging by the Jordanian pictures, which must have been taken in November 2016 at the latest, it seems to have way too much wear and tear for a ride that was built in 2013. It has to have been bought used. From where, I have no idea. Can't have been a place many people have heard about.

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TV just made me laugh with this thing.

Wonder if he's counting it.
The company i work for was involved in the construction of this thing. I believe its called Kingwood Stud and isn't too far from where i live. Apparently a major roller coaster company had input in the design but i have no idea if this is true!


Mack rides assisted with some of the design!

'Drive cabin/running gear supplier: Mack Rides'