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The Road to Denmark (and back)


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As a rather long Summer Holiday (3 & half weeks) me and my family decided to do a road trip, that led us all the way to Denmark, then all the way back down to the French Alps (I'll explain why later), before making our way back home. Visiting lots of new parks and a couple of old ones. The parks we visited were:

Walibi Holland
Hansa Park
Farup Sommerland
Djurs Sommerland
Legoland Billund
Tivoli Gardens
Fart Land :lol:
Hamburger Sommer Dom

From our house we drove to the Eurotunnel which takes about 3 hours and after the crossing we drove to a town called Harderwijk (think thats how you spell it) in Holland which took another 3-4 hours. We stayed here as a stop over on the way to Hamburg, but we luckily were able to visit an old favourite (well... sort of) that was only about 20 mins away from our hotel.

Walibi Holland

We first visited Walibi Holland in 2003, when i was only a young and all i can remember really from that day was that my sister and brother snuck me on Robin Hood when i was not tall enough :), that i thought the rapids was naff; interestingly though i was impressed with it last year.

Unfortunately, the rapids was closed on our visit this time because we went only a few days after that get girl lost her foot and they were inspecting the ride.

It was last year, when i first visited the park as an enthusiast and instantly fell in love with Goliath, crowning it my favourite coaster after 15 rides. This was the main reason for coming back for a visit and we only spent a few hours at the park because we did most of the rides last year the crowds were pretty light.

We got to the park just before opening, but they let you in early anyway which is always much better than being stuck in a crowd waiting outside the gate. As the park looked pretty quiet, i didn't feel the need to rush or plan what i should do, so as it was their i took a first on Xpress.

I remember thinking the ride was pretty dull last time and i can't say the ride has changed much. It is a little rough and vibrates a bit, but nothing too bad. I really think the pointless meandering at the end of the ride is a waste, and the ride would probably be better if they ended it quicker. Despite the negatives, it is a decent ride... not much else to say really. Ooh yeah, sooo much better in the dark! 6/10

We then made our way round to Sherwood forest passing this lovely building which is although boring in comparison to the rides, is probably is the nicest bit of theming in the park :).

Anyway we eventually got round to Robin Hood, which last year i remember being quite rough and actually making me a little sick.

I think the sign may be new and i have to say that the colourfulness of it, does not fit the theme of the ride very well.

My first ride on it was at the front and while there was little roughness, there was not much airtime either which was a shame and pretty much was how i felt after Loup Garou so maybe the Vekoma woodies just don't suit me. However, when i eventually get to ride the one at Tusenfryd i will have an open mind, that it may be better. Again, like Xpress it is still a decent coaster. 6/10

Now, it was definitely time for GOLIATH!!!!<3

Ooooh i like this sign :)

When i was at the park Goliath was still my #1 coaster (You can see, it is not now, but we will move onto that much later in the trip). Nevertheless it is an absolutely awesome coaster, filled with extreme ejector airtime on every hill.

The middle section of the ride has some really intense helixes which in theory sounds great and they are good, but i just don't feel they quite work with the ride. However, the other incredible two thirds of the ride easily overpower that and that stengel dive is just so breath-taking and i'll admit i find just a tad scary, which is a plus.

The rides ending consists of three pure ejector airtime hills followed by a quick turn into the station. One of the best endings to a coaster ever. As you can probably tell it is an obvious 10/10

After riding Goliath 4 times, i decided i should go and ride my second favourite ride at the park, Crazy River or as more communally known to me 'the Fatt & Son Flume :).'

The thing that makes this log flume unique isn't the layout or the theming, it is the fact that the ride-ops let you ride backwards on the log from the start, which means you can do the final double drop backwards which is really cool. The first two drops on the ride, don't really get you wet, so they can feel like a bit of a waste, but i just love the fact i can ride it backwards <3. 8/10

My Mum happens to love this ride as do i, so we rode it another two times, before moving on. We walked pass Tomahawk (Frisbee), but it appeared to be shut, which didn't upset me too much, as there was something i was much more interested to ride.

Yes i know it is just a Boomerang, but this one is pretty good. It has the new Vekoma restraints which when i initially pull them down, i find them a bit uncomfortable, they do provide a much smoother ride. You can still feel the rides roughness, but as there is no ear-bashing there is no pain. I like the ride, because it really shows you what a Boomerang is capable of. 7/10

After i re-rode Speed of Sound (yes i did re-ride a boomerang and i am proud of it :) ), i decided to do some of the parks flats, starting with Spinning Vibe.

I have thought these Huss Magic's were quite dull when at theme parks and after riding fair version earlier this summer at the Rheinkirmes i wasn't expecting much from this, It was actually surprisingly good. We got a nice long cycle with relatively intense moments and while not as good as the fair version, it was still fun. 7/10

It then started to rain pretty heavily so we rushed for cover, which ended up being all the back over near Sherwood Forest. After a few minutes i got bored, so even though it was still pelting it down i ran over and had a go on their top spin.

It was called Excalibur (obviously going by memory and not just relying the picture :) ), and was just a normal top spin, that had a long, but mostly boring cycle with lots of swinging back and forth like a slow pirate ship. Though i still love the fast flips!! 6/10

Shortly after that, the rain stopped and i got in the queue for Robin Hood. The actual line was pretty short , but seemed to take a while which is when i realised they were only one train now as apposed to the two they were running earlier.

I know this happens in a lot of parks, but i was dissapointed because one of the things i remembered the park fondly for last time (apart from Goliath), was how they ran two trains even when the queues were minimal. Anyway since i rode the front this morning i wanted to ride the back, but as i was on my own a ride op told me to go to the front where there was another single rider. I hate it when staff do that :(

I have to say though,that the ride was running so much better than this morning. There was airtime on each hill and even though it was rougher, it was far from discomforting. The rain really does wonders for this coaster. As i said above my first ride was a 6, but i would say my second ride was an 8, so i decided to take an average and go with 7/10

I then went to ride the Space Shot with my dad, but by the time i got to my seat, the restraint was locked, so i waited for ride-op to come round and rather than quickly nip into the control booth to open it he said something a long the lines of 'Sorry, it's locked you will just have to wait for the next one.' This annoyed me a lot so i decided there was little point in waiting (it is only another space shot), so just decided to exit the ride.

Never have i encountered such a lazy ride op :roll: .

However, my spirits would not be dampened as it was time for a last two rides on Goliath was even more phenomenal because of the previous rain shower.

We then headed back towards the entrance where i had a last quick go on Xpress. Kinda wish i hadn't bothered as it was rougher this time.

I do like Walibi Holland, but that is mainly because of Goliath which is no bad reason to like it, but i feel the parks is just a bit tacky in some areas. It is helped because of all the greenery which makes it nicer and slightly prettier, but i just don't really connect with the actual park for some reason i can't put my finger on. However, it is nothing terrible and i would say that IMO it is a nicer park than Walibi Belgium as it still has some more charming areas.

I will finish this report with a few shots of Goliath, from just beyond the end of the parking lot.

Thank you for reading my Walibi Holland report. Stay Tuned as a report of my first visit to Hansa Park will be coming soon :)


Cool to here about your trip, Cookie. Excited to hear the rest of it, especially some of the parks with the rides you reviewed.


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CookieCoasters said:
Yes i know it is just a Boomerang, but this one is pretty good. It has the new Vekoma restraints which when i initially pull them down, i find them a bit uncomfortable, they do provide a much smoother ride. You can still feel the rides roughness, but as there is no ear-bashing there is no pain. I like the ride, because it really shows you what a Boomerang is capable of. 7/10
I consider Speed of Sound to be the best boomerang I've been on. The addition of music, tunnel and the general theme makes it quite tolerable.

With the exception of Goliath, I though Walibi Holland was quite drab and sterile.

Looking forward to reading part 2.


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It's good to get another perspective of a park, particularly from somebody who visits regularly. It's weird really. We clamour for reports from places rarely visited, but by people who are visiting for the first time.

Yet because of the delude of reports we had for a while of Alton/Thorpe/wherever popular, we got bored of hearing about the places people always go to.

Yet in reality, there are lots of parks we don't often hear from, and it's actually refreshing to get an "annual trip" type of report from those places. Actually, I even kind of miss the Thorpe reports...


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Thanks for all the positive replies guys and i am glad you enjoyed reading my first report.

Jason Voorhees said:
Nice report. Goliath looks rubbish. :p
How dare you? :)

Anyway on with my next report.

After our half day at Walibi Holland we spent another night in Harderwijk, before driving over to Hamburg the next day which because of various delays took about 5 hours. We then spent a 2 or 3 nights in Hamburg to see the City before we were off travelling to Denmark, stopping via Hansa Park!

Hansa Park

I have heard a lot about Hansa Park over years in that it is vastly improving as a park and the new additions to the park have been excellent quality rides for what they are meant to achieve. So i was really looking forward to visiting, plus i usually find the German parks to be very good quality parks.

I thought their new Entrance area looked very nice, and very German :) . We arrived at the park at about 9:25, however the park itself opened at 9, but it said on the website the rides didn't open till 10 so we didn't bother getting there before 9.

Typically, though when we entered the park we saw that all the rides were going round, which in one way was good and in another it was annoying as the website was a big fat liar :) . Luckily, the park was pretty dead in this hour from 9 till 10, so we got a few of the low capacity monsters out of the way.

I started by going on the worst of them all (actually one of the better rides, but worst in capacity terms). Die Glockie (The Bell) is a kind of Frisbee variant where you sit around the bell's gong thing underneath a massive bell and then you swing and spin in a frisbee like fashion. As the circumference of the seating is much smaller than on a normal frisbee, you feel like you spin more, but actually the ride is not intense at all, but does provide a good floaty feeling.

Its fun ride with a decent cycle and it is a must do at Hansa, and you must do it early on because the queue will move slowly because you can only fit 6 people on the ride at a time and it was walk-on when i went on, but later in the day it had a long-ish queue. 7/10

It is such an awesome ride to watch, my parents were enamored with watching it. :)

Didn't do the star flyer, because if i am honest, after riding a few of them, there just not as interesting anymore.

Next up i wandered to Crazy Mine, the other low capacity nightmare.

Like the bell, this one had virtually no queue, HURRAY!! :--D and we were on quickly. The ride was actually nicely themed for a wild mouse, although that was mainly in the queue line. I don't know how many standard wild mouse clones i have ridden now, but this was the fourth this summer and they are starting to get super tedious. It was a bit bumpy + it was a wild mouse which = average ride. 5/10

After we got off the mouse it was just after 10, so we decided to make our way over to the coaster, that made Hansa Park famous among enthusiasts, Fluch Von Novgord !!

Unfortunately, it was not just us who decided to go to this ride now, pretty much everyone in the park seemed to be queuing for it, which meant there was no walk-ons/short queues for Fluch :( .

We ended up waiting 30-40 mins which wasn't too bad i suppose. When we got into the station, i found it funny how small it was and how it could only accommodate the size of one euro fighter style car. The ride starts with a dark section, in which the atmosphere and tension is really built up. You then do a little drop into a lightningly quick launch which i think was easily the most intense i have ever experienced. I knew it was coming, but it really took me by surprise how forceful it was.

The launch shoots you out of the darkness and into airtime filled camelback, followed by a long over-banked hill, before going into a bow-tie turnaround, which was there the ride unfortunetly got pretty rough and unpleasant. This feature is shown in the picture above. However, this was the only part of the ride that was rough and the final indoor section was amazing despite its short length.

Hansa park has really got a winner here. I think the idea and layout of the ride is absolute genius, as is the theming and build up to the launch, and it could be one of my favourite coasters with a few tweaks. These tweaks would consist of improving the bow-tie turnaround so it was smoother and maybe adding lap bars to the train if possible. Anyway it is still an excellent ride and a well worthy 9/10

After Fluch, we decided to go on the neighboring log flume. The queue for the ride was very short, yet for some reason, the staff were adamant at finding a group, to put in the same log as me and my dad. I understand why staff do this when it is busy, but when there is only like 10 people in the queue, you might as well just let groups go in there own logs like any other park would have done :evil: .

Anyway, the log flume consisted of a small spillway drop and decent sized final drop, so nothing to out of the ordinary, but good fun nonetheless. 7/10

We then walked round past the log flume and eventually we came to the parks other flume ride Super Splash. This one only had one drop, but it was quite a big and steep one for a log flume. However, the drop has this weird bump in it near the top, which caused me to fly out of my seat and then smash back down on it when we hit the water (Ouch! my bum). Not so fun. 4/10

After circling the park, we ended up back near the entrance where a Mythical Scottish Monster was waiting for me.

I know big schwarzkopf fans (I'm not really one of them), pretty much love all of his coasters of this style, but i have to the say the ride is pretty dull and not very exciting. The only good parts are the loop which has some good positive g's and the bit of airtime you get after the MCBR. The final helixes were making me fall asleep :) . I'm not anti-schwarzkopf as i do like some of there coasters, but Nessie was just a bit lame.6/10

3 creds down, 3 to go and right next, as it was near i went to ride Rassender Roland

It has a different layout to the standard Vekoma Roller Skaters, but it was still quite rough ad the trains had uncomfortable seats. :( 3/10

Next we went over to ride Hansa parks newest coaster, Die Schlange Von Midgard a family coaster from Gerstlauer.

After waiting about 40 mins in a very slow moving queue, we got the station and boarded the trains which i love. The rides lift hill is all enclosed with some very good theming. The ride itself is short, but it is smooth and perfect for a small family coaster. I would agree that Hansa Park is improving with their new additions as Fluch and this have a much higher standard of theming than the older rides. 5/10

We then made our way to the part of the park i call 'Wasteland with a few rides plonked on it.' Okay, its not that bad, but i thought that it is inconsistent with the other areas of the park.

We came to this area to ride Rio Dorado a Raft slide (not sure if that is the technical name, but that is what i call them). I have ridden the one at Asterix and Thorpe, i would say it lies somewhere between the two. The slide part is fun, but it barely makes it as a water ride and you don't really get wet. 5/10

I know wanted to make my way over Fluch, but on the way i came across El Paso Express which i had forgotten about.

El Paso Express is a bayern curve, which is a ride that people are always arguing over whether it is a coaster or not. Although the ride op left people for 5 minutes sitting in the car before checking there restraints, i didn't have to wait too long. The ride is pretty fun and i like how it changes from forwards to backwards during the ride. I would say it was my second favourite COASTER in the park :) . 6/10

I can understand why some people don't think it is a cred because it kind of runs like a flat ride, but i see it as a type of powered coaster, so i count it.

It was now time to start re-riding rides and tbh, this was the only one i wanted to go on again.

We had two consecutive rides on Fluch, both times we had to wait 40-50 minutes which was kind of annoying, but i really like the ride, so for me it was worth (my Dad wasn't a fan so for him it wasn't worth it :) ). Again they were great and i would probably say it is my favourite Gerstlauer coaster (yes better than Smiler :) )

As it was pretty hot, we did end up having another go on the log flume, that doesn't hurt your bum.

After walking round the park and taking a few pics, i stumbled across a Tri-star ride near the parks entrance. I realised i had never ridden one of these before, and because it had no queue i decided to make it my last ride. It's not gonna win any medals for most thrilling and exciting flat rides, but it was fun nonetheless. I liked the way it gets really close to the building and the trees near it. 6/10

Hansa Park is also known for displaying the date and time of the day on a little garden feature near the entrance. Now i will never forget the day i went to Hansa Park :) .

On paper Hansa Park does not have a great selection rides (except for Fluch) and that is true when you ride them in real life. Some of them are okay (i.e. the bell, flume, el paso), but Fluch is only one of exceptional quality. I also thought the park was a bit grubby in some areas, which was odd as other German parks i have been to (Heide, Europa) have been impeccably clean. I also think that a lot of the park could do with a bit of a refurb as i thought areas looked a bit unloved. Hansa park is a decent park, but i could think of over 20 parks i have been too, that i would rather go too.

I hope you enjoyed reading my report of Hansa Park. Coming up next, will be my report of my first ever Danish Park, Farup Sommerland

Jason Voorhees

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Hansa Park looks DELICIOUS. #1 park on my bucket list!

I really like the looks up these German parks (Europa, Holiday, Tripsdrill, Phantasialand, Heidi Klum and Hansa)



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I love the clock thing. Just think, that's a job somebody has to do every morning. That would be awesome :lol:


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Jason Voorhees said:
Hansa Park looks DELICIOUS. #1 park on my bucket list!

I really like the looks up these German parks (Europa, Holiday, Tripsdrill, Phantasialand, Heidi Klum and Hansa)

That's just my amazing photos :) . The park isn't as delicious when you are actually there. Then again, in comparison to some of your parks in the US, it probably is quite yummy. I'd say all the parks you listed above are nicer bar Holiday Park, but that has EGF

furie said:
I love the clock thing.
I know, its a really nice unique and special touch. The entrance area, both outside and inside the park was really nice, it was the rest of the park that was a bit iffy.

Right on with my next report.

After our day at Hansa we drove all the up to and through Denmark to get to a town called Silkeborg. We had 4 nights there and planned to have one day at Farup, one at Djurs and a free day. As it was showing a lot of rain the following day, we decided to make that our free day and we visited Aarhus and few little places on the coast, while it was raining quite a lot of the time. The next morning we got up early and drove about an 1h 45 mins to Farup Sommerland

Farup Sommerland

Farup was my first ever Danish theme park, so i was really excited to visit it and see how the danish handle their parks. After the positive comments Farup gets i had decent expectations, that were easily met and exceeded. I imagined it to be a better version of Oakwood and Lightwater Valley and yes it is certainly better than both of those :) .

We got to the park nice and early and they actually let us through the Entrance at 9:45, but unfortunetly just made us wait again at a section further on. As soon as the ropes were released we headed straight for their new 2013 coaster.

Farup's new 2013 addition was called Orkanen (Hurricane) and is a Vekoma SFC with a much more interesting layout than ones previously made.

The ride only has one train, because there is no brake run but luckily the ride-ops were pretty efficient anyway. The ride was pretty cool. The best bit far is the over banked turn when you dive out of the water as you get crazy laterals going through it. The helixes are forceful, but not to intense for younger children. I aslo liked the dive into the shed of fog at the end of the ride.

I think Orkanen is a really good addition for Farup. It targets a wider audience than the other two big coasters, so pretty small children can ride it as well. It is a big improvement on other SFC's like Kvasten and Jimmy Neutron. It is very smooth and fun. 7/10

Next, we went to Falken, which for a similar reason to Orkanen only can run one train. However, the train is quite long. I thought Falken was overall a really good ride. It kinda reminds of a modern and slightly better version of Nickelodeon Streak as it has lots of hill that give nice floater airtime. We rode the back of the train on this ride and it was a bit rough and shaky round the corners as i was expecting. That did not spoil it though.

As a family woodie i think Falken is a success. It is not scary, but it is fun and has airtime which adds to the excitement. I was happy with Falken especially since when i rode Mammut at Tripsdrill two years ago i didn't think it was up to much. Joris en de Draak is much better, but i just think GCI have just got the knack when it comes to building woodies :) . 7/10

After our ride on falken we noticed the queue for Orkanen was starting to get bigger, so we popped over to have a second ride. I convinced my Mum to have a go and i think in the end she enjoyed it. :) .

The ride is just so photogenic and couldn't fit better in the area they put it in.

After that, we headed back towards the entrance and then over to Farup's other major coaster.

Lynet (Lightning) was Gerstlauer's first coaster with a launch. The ride in all is actually quite small and compact, but do not let that fool you, this coaster lives up to its names sake. Like on Fluch, you do a small drop into a rolling launch. God these Gerstlauer launches are incredible, so intense :shock: . Lynet's first section gives you three nice pops of ejector airtime. The second section is mainly about twists, turns and inversion which are relatively intense and smooth.

Along with Typhoon, Lynet is the smoothest Gertslauer Euro fighter/ launch coaster. The first part of the ride with the launch, top hat and airtime hill is great. The second part isn't quite as awesome, but still is really good. After riding Anubis last year i would say that i actually like Lynet more, as it is smoother has more airtime and its restraints don't tighten as much. Overall, really good thrill ride for the park. 8/10

We only had to wait 10 minutes for our first ride and as it was showing that the queue was only that length again, we went straight back on to re-ride it. The queue was more like 20 minutes, but the ride is easily worth that wait.

With all the major coasters done, i was going to go to the spinning mouse, but when i saw the queue line was an HOUR!! i decided against, as there was no way i was waiting that long for ones of those.

We did find the rapids though, which only had a 30 minute queue. It was an okay rapids. Like most European ones you don't get that wet, but it was a bit better than an average one. 6/10

This became very useful when trying to find the log flume, that was kind of tucked away in its own part of the park.

After constantly going the wrong way, we eventually found the log flume which i think was called Tree Trunks. It is actually a pretty good one with 3 drops, two of which are of a decent size, but the smallest one was the wettest. 7/10

Be warned though as the boats slow down very abruptly at the bottom of the drops, so brace yourself! Unfortunately we didn't the first time and my Mum bashed her nose right into my neck which wasn't pleasant for me and certainly wasn't for her.

We then stopped off near one of the many play parks that Farup had, to get some food, before venturing on to the other creds.

We went to Mine Expressen first which had about a 25 minute queue which wasn't too bad. Thank god they don't send it round twice like the one at Plopsa De Panne. Ummm.. yeah nothing special. 3/10

We then wandered back over to Flagermusen and we were relatively happy to see this on the queue time sign. The ride-ops on this were really hustling though and i think they got us round in about 20 minutes. It was a very fast moving queue for such a low capacity ride.

Okay, call me crazy, but i actually like these spinning mice. This one was good fun, right up until the end which was brutal and kinda put a downer on the rest of the ride. 5/10

Now, i realised that i had only ridden Falken once and wanted a second ride, so we made our back over that area. Unfortunately we saw a member of standing outside the rides entrance turning people away, which can only mean one very sad thing :( . We asked the member of staff when it would open and he said it won't re-open today. :cry:

Never fear though, there is nothing better to cure an enthusiasts upset, than a kiddie cred!! :)

Do i really need to say anything about it? Apart from 2/10

I think this is one of the parks mascot characters who rides on the front of kiddie coaster train. If it is, then it is by far the cutest one ever <3 :--D .

Now i know we had another go on the rapids, but when in the day exactly i can't remember, so it could have been after pindsvinet or before :? .

On the way to Lynet, i did part of the obstacle course which was a bit of fun and something different to do at a park. I did do the over-the-water monkey bars. I used to be really good at monkey bars, but i haven't done them in a few years so i was bit apprehensive at first. However, i bossed them easily :--D .

The queue was about 45 minutes, but we stuck it out as it is an awesome coaster.

Best picture of the launch i could get.

Finally we headed back to the entrance where we got some more food and popcorn before leaving. However, when were in the car park my dad saw something that at first i didn't believe him. Falken was going round :shock: :--D .

As soon as i saw it for myself we rushed back into the park and straight to the coaster. Luckily the queue was minimal, so it must of just opened.

We rode the front this time and i would say it was slightly better than the back, but not that much difference between them. It was a great and well unexpected way to finish off a marvellous day at Farup Sommerland

Overall, i really thought the park was great. I really like its setting of being in the woods and not quite knowing what is going to be round the next corner or through the trees. The park atmosphere is very layed back. Unique features of the park i liked were the obstacle course (free of charge), the crazy golf (free of charge) and the fact they had big barbecues so people could bring there own food and have a barbecue (free of charge :) ). Overall a really beautiful park, perfect for a family day out.

On top of everything where Farup shines is how friendly there staff are. They were so friendly to everybody and even played with the childen and let them control the ride (obviously not entirely), if they were not tall enough. I really wish we had a few parks like this in the UK, but i doubt that will ever happen.

Thank you for reading my Farup Sommerland Trip Report. Next up is Farup's arch enemy Djurs Sommerland. Will it be able to match Farup? Stay tuned to find out :) .


Nice to see this report is continuing, great work.

I wish I could convince my parents to go on a massive coaster-oriented road trip...the closest I've ever gotten was stopping at Dorney Park on the way home from Cedar Point :(


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Hobbes said:
Nice to see this report is continuing, great work.

I wish I could convince my parents to go on a massive coaster-oriented road trip...the closest I've ever gotten was stopping at Dorney Park on the way home from Cedar Point :(
I guess i am lucky, that my parents have always taken me and siblings to theme parks from an early age and over the years have developed a real liking for them (not as much as me obviously). They like them because they associate them with having a good time i guess.

However, they don't want to have a holiday that is nothing but theme parks (except florida :) ), i assume your parents are the same. The best thing is make sure there is places and things to do near by or chilling time. Basically non-theme park time. Either a couple of days here and there or a long period of time without theme parks. On this holiday we did a bit of each.

I honestly though have no idea how i convinced them to do so many theme parks on this holiday. I kind said 'how about Denmark?' and they thought was a really good idea as they hadn't been before and over the course it kinda escalated because of various reasons.

In the end though we came back thinking it was a great holiday which is the most important thing. If your parents aren't keen on the idea a 'road trip' with driving everywhere than it may be harder to convince them. If you end up doing one though, the best thing for your first one is not to throw shed loads of theme parks into the mix, you should spend an equal time doing non-theme park things. This way they're more likely to want to go on one again, consequently you get to more theme parks :) .

Aye, i am very cunning :--D .


CookieCoasters said:
If your parents aren't keen on the idea a 'road trip' with driving everywhere than it may be harder to convince them. If you end up doing one though, the best thing for your first one is not to throw shed loads of theme parks into the mix, you should spend an equal time doing non-theme park things.
My dad and I do go to theme parks just ourselves a couple times a year, because we both really enjoy them. That trip I mentioned a few posts back with Cedar Point and Dorney was just my dad and I, but we also did a couple other things, such as going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and hanging out in Pittsburgh for a while. My dad likes driving, so a road trip doesn't bother him.

The problem is I've got two younger brothers who really don't have the patience for any kind of long driving (unless its overnight and they can sleep), so a road trip isn't their idea of a good time. Plus theme parks aren't their favorite thing (one brother is too short, the other just doesn't last more than a few hours). So even though my dad and I could pull off a multi-park trip, it just isn't going to happen for me any time soon.

For now, I'll just have to keep reading this report, and dreaming about when I get a car so I can do these things myself :p