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Rank the Intamin Launch Coasters


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Sanchezmran said:
To me it seems like you love it because it's just a "once in a lifetime experience" or something like that.
Erm.... yep. Pretty much. Is that not allowed?


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Go ahead and rate it however you want. I just think it's interesting that you don't seem to weigh in on the other factors about the ride. At the end of the day, your opinion is your opinion. :)


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CookieCoasters said:
I have to agree with Sanchezman, Ka is awful. Unfortunately for me, it was a twice in a lifetime experience <//3.
Sanchezmran said:
Go ahead and rate it however you want. I just think it's interesting that you don't seem to weigh in on the other factors about the ride. At the end of the day, your opinion is your opinion. :)
To be fair, I did acknowledge in the original post that I realise most people hate it, and that the novelty would probably wear off pretty quickly after a few re-rides, and you can see from the list of launchers that I've been on that I've not ridden anything comparable. I also acknowledged that it rattled a bit, that the restraints weren't great and that it's a **** colour. Call me shallow if you will, but I'm happy to admit that none of that mattered. My over-riding memory of the thing is 'F*** me this is fast' followed by 'F*** me this is high', followed by 'F*** me that's a long way down', followed shortly afterwards by 'F*** me that was, like, totally insane bruh!'

Also, at no point have I ever said I was normal. ;-)


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So the speed and height managed to distract you from the rattle, whereas it's the complete opposite for me. :lol:


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^Yeah that kinda sums it up. If you think about it, it's not a million miles away from what you said about TTD:

Sanchezmran said:
Top Thrill Dragster
Storm Runner
Wicked Twister
Kingda Ka

Now that I think about it, the reason why Top Thrill Dragster is on top (and why I rate it so high) may be because it was my first Intamin launched and the ride was absolutely insane and far more intense that almost everything that I had ridden. Now that I've ridden more accelerators I'd like to see if it's as good as I remember.
Ok so KK wasn't my very first Intamin launcher, in fact it was almost my most recent (Volcano was a couple of days later) but it was the first one with "absolutely insane" statistics.

See? We're not so different after all... :)


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Alright I guess you do have a point with it being our "first insane ride", but I still need to see if Dragster still holds its spot in my top ten or moves down a couple spots (I only had around 25 creds when I rode it). Unlike Ka, it's smooth so I was able to enjoy the ridiculous launch and the vertical twists really threw you around and there was even airtime on the top hat; I wasn't able to enjoy or even notice those moments on Ka.

Another thing is that since TTD was my first big launch coaster is that the anticipation and fear was a lot higher than my experience on Ka, where I had already ridden plenty of more accelerators.

And if you really love Ka, then you'd probably love Dragster too. :)


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If you like Ka, you'll like Dragster more.

I loved my first ride on Ka, but then had a second and found it lacking. It's far from a bad ride, but I think it's that when most people on here who've done it have also done Dragster, Ka will always come off second best and perhaps be under-ranked - if that's a word - because of it.


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I quite enjoyed ka on my first ride on the cf trip a couple of years ago, but this time round it was noticably rougher and just didn't gove the same level of joy as TTD.

1 - Maverick
2 - TTD
3 - Rita (still rather like the layout)
4 - Wicked twister
5 - storm runner (a little choppy, but nothing unbearable)
6 - Stealth
7 - Speed Monster
8 - Kingda KA
9 - Desert race
10- Volcano
11- Possessed
12- Kanonen
13- Furius Baco

I have ridden juvelen, but only the once, so can't really rank it yet!


Ive had 4 rides on Baco: After the first 2 I considered rating it above Stealth but my last 2 rides were considerably more rough. Stealth virtually guarantees a pain free ride whilst Baco unfortunately does not but its still pretty cool.


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My favourite Intamin launch coaster that I've ridden is Stormrunner. And my favourite from all intamin launch coasters is Maverick, I think.


Sadly, I've only been on one Intamin launch. Good news, it was Ka. The launch was amazing! Went on three times, including front seat, and second row at night. I disagree with everyone who says it's unbearably rough, I found it to be shaky. Personally I liked it more than Toro.

Best Intamin launch in the world is Maverick. Going to CP in 2016, Maverick is second on my bucket list behind Helix at Liseberg.

Ayy Lmao

cjbrandy said:
My gaming laptop arrived today, cant wait to use it! Its currently installing windows 10 which is taking forever so I thought I'd pass the time by making this little topic for discussion.

What do you think is the best Intamin launch coaster? It doesn't have to be one you've ridden. My favourite one Ive rode is Stealth but I think the best ones from looks are Top Thrill Dragster and the upcoming Taron at Phantasialand. If it gives me a fairly pain free ride (only 1 week today!!) Furious Baco should be up there with Shambhala in fun factor (the fact it has new softer restraints will help).
1. Windows 10 sucks. WIndows 7 FTW
2. Either maverick or furius baco
Edit after riding sefk, kk, and ttd I'd rank that above maverick. I haven't ridden fb tho.