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Placing coasters in your favourites sometimes aint as easy as it sounds...

Have you ever been on a coaster that should've made your top few.. or top 10.. but didn't? But not because it was a bad ride - no it was probably amazing - but because of the day?

E.g. I have no idea where to place Expedition Geforce as Holiday Park was the last theme park of a Germany trip I did.. So as I had a long-ish drive to Nuremberg after so I was a bit sad!

I tried to marathon it at the back but in the end couldn't because of those restraints.. my poor legs! =P If only it had Shambhala "clams".

So the memory of it isn't good enough to make my top 10 basically.. and the same goes for El Toro - I'd need to go back to SFGA to ride that a few times to really place it.

(Though I was expecting El Toro to wow me - and the airtime was great, but I thought the airtime would be that airtime hill from Speed at Oakwood x3, but it wasn't - I mean it was crazy, but not the level of crazy I was anticipating.. I much preferred the FEELING of the airtime on, say, Lightning Rod - and also found the prefab track on Toro to ride a little.. weirdly? Don't know how else to put that one).

What does everyone else think? And am I crazy for my thoughts on El Toro - because loads of people put it really high up!
I know exactly what you mean. Rode both Katun and iSpeed at Mirabilandia recently and they were both excellent coasters. I felt totally ****ed though because I had practically no sleep the night before and a 4hr drive starting at 5am. I feel like both are worthy of a top 10 spot but I was so drained I couldn't place them fairly. All I can say is Katun is my favourite invert after Nemesis haha.


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Yeah, I could name about 30 or 40 roller coasters that I've been on that I feel are (or were at some point) worthy of inclusion in anybody's top 10. I mean, just last week I rode Untamed, which is a top 10 ride all day long. In fact I wouldn't argue with someone who placed it as their number 1, it is totally worthy of that accolade, but for me to include it in my personal top 10 favourite coasters of all time would mean I'd have to boot out something like Tatsu or Taron. Taron, ffs!
So yeah, as this hobby of ours progresses you've either got to become even more picky as to what makes your top 10, or do what I do which is just have a very vague list of an approximate top 10% that are 'worthy of ranking' which, in my case, gives me room for about 34/35 top 10s. It just gives you more flexibility and freedom of movement when discussing these things. :)
The other 90% are either 'good but not worth ranking' or 'sh*t'.
but for me to include it in my personal top 10 favourite coasters of all time would mean I'd have to boot out something like Tatsu or Taron. Taron, ffs!
Oops 😬 Sorry

To be fair I did not think anything would ever beat Taron this side of the pond. But having taken multiple rides on both in the last 14 days I genuinely enjoyed the wilderness of Untamed more. Taron is still a special, special coaster for me though... Which brings me back to the topic at hand, yes it’s incredibly difficult sometimes to rank coasters, and, for me, any rankings are definitely subject to change... Because it’s all about how a coaster makes me feel on that day.


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Broadly speaking, each person's respective "top 10" is subjective to each individual's view and experience. For instance, I rank X2 because I have only ever ridden it as a night ride, a brilliant experience. I could rate it lower, based on other's reviews of it being a bumpier, moderate ride during the day; but I have never had the chance to gain that experience. As a result, it remains high, because I have only ever experienced it that way. This is a similar phenomenon for those who rode I305 or Skyrush before modifications were applied - it's hard to slide a coaster around based on present detail when your experience is dated in the past.

So in turn, if you have a ride you have really enjoyed, it's defendable to rank it higher than average to reflect that. And yes, it will require bumping other, great experiences down in the process.