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Parks with the best defunct ride line-ups?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by VTCGA5, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. VTCGA5

    VTCGA5 Member

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    Hades 360
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    Have you ever wondered what a park would be like if it's current line-up was swapped with it's defunct rides? If this were to happen to every park, which ones would have the best line-up of attractions? *Closed parks do not count*

    Probably not the best, but I'd say Six Flags Great America would have a *decent* line-up of rides..

    Vekoma GIB (With the good trains ;))
    Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop
    Arrow Mega-Looper
    B&M Stand-Up
    Intamin Spacediver
    Intamin Bobsled
    Zamperla/Reverchon Spinning Wild Mouse
    Herschell Kiddie Coaster

    Notable Flats
    Intamin 1st Gen Drop Tower
    Intamin Triple Tree Wheel
    2 Von Roll Skyrides
    Huss Top Spin
    Intamin Looping Starship
    Schwarzkopf Enterprise
    Schwarzkopf Bayern-Kurve
    Mack Matterhorn
    2 Arrow Antique Car Rides
    Zamperla Joker

    Obviously, Déjà Vu and Tidal Wave would be the park's headliners. Maybe give Shockwave the Phantom's Revenge treatment and put floorless trains on Iron Wolf and you'd have a solid top 4. The flat collection is pretty good as is though, there's a lot more of them I didn't mention plus a defunct kiddie area.

    Six Flags Great Adventure looks pretty adequate too
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
  2. Edward M

    Edward M Well-Known Member

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    Lightning Rod
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    Tokyo Disneysea
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    I'd say Epcot without a doubt. They lost all of their original rides except Spaceship Earth. I think it's the only park where the park would be better if it had only their defunct rides.
  3. Jaiden M.

    Jaiden M. Member

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    Twisted Colossus
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    Six Flags Magic Mtn.
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    Eagle Fortress
  4. Mack

    Mack Well-Known Member

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    El Toro
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    Geauga Lake :emoji_disappointed:

    Being from Solon/Aurora, it was so sad to see our neighborhood park nuked with oversized rides that showed SF didn't understand GL at all.

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