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Overrated and Underrated Roller Coasters


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I will say about Magnum, it depends on who you are. That ride does not have the world-wide acclaim it used to but I've been a fan of a decent to good ride. That being said, I'm an airtime slut so.. lol
Magnum is my 2nd favorite coaster at the park when it's running trimless. The airtime at the end is insane when it's at full speed and when you're restraint is at 1-2 clicks oh boy do you get sent.


Overrated: Goliath at Walibi Holland. It isn't bad at all, but I remember I was like "Oooh well..." after my first ride in 2003.

Underrated: Pulsar at Walibi Belgium. It is the third shuttle coaster in the park, but it is the best. It is fast, it packs punch, it has crazy airtime and I think it is probably the wettest ride I have ever done!


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Overrated: Gold Striker

I caught this one on a bad day, right? It had no energy, hardly any airtime, and was sub par compared to many other GCI coasters.

Underrated: Schwur des Kärnan

No ride in the history of the hobby has genuinely scared and thrilled me like this one. Having only seen a POV from the first drop on, it looked very tame. BOY did it exceed my expectations. This ride truly tells a story and is about as thrilling and full of surprises as they come.

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Underated: Joris en de Draak

This coaster seems to get very mixed reviews going by the 'rank the GCI's' thread. For me it's a perfect wooden coaster as it offers the full package - airtime, transitions, intensity and fun.

(Copied and indeed pasted from my review on towers street)

Joris - this is a top 10 coaster for me, I absolutely loved it. We went on the red side first and it was very good, but then the blue side is absolutely wild. The tracks are pretty much identical but blue was flying around it, maybe it's got different wheels or something? Anyway, we got double figure rides in just before park closing, mostly without having to leave our seats. These back row night rides after it had warmed up were absolutely incredible. The airtime was ridiculous, and it was up there with Wodan in terms of intensity.


Tornado at Bakken. Yes, the spiral after the launch is disgusting and yes, it's impossible to ride without a sore neck from the restraints but riding unique coasters like this is the whole point of travelling for me.

I had a similar experience when I rode my first Volare. Objectively it's a terrible coaster but I had so much fun because it was unlike anything I'd been on before.

I rode Tornado a few times this week and really enjoyed it. I knew there was a launch at the start but because the lift hill was so fast I assumed that was what everyone was talking about so when the actual launch kicked in I had the biggest grin on my face. The whole ride packs a punch and the final helix has such a tight radius that the coaster ends almost as intense as it starts. My only criticism is the inside of the building is really bare, I'd rather have seen a bit of theming or even just more walls inside to make it darker.

So yeah, Tornado is fantastic. I completely get why people hate it but I think it's important that coasters like it exist.


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So yeah, Tornado is fantastic. I completely get why people hate it but I think it's important that coasters like it exist.
Agreed Tornado beats you up but god it's so much fun and a great ride. It's my favorite spinning coaster and probably somewhere in my top 20.

From what I’ve ridden kingda ka gets to much **** with that being said ka over ttd
Ka deserves everything it gets. In every way possible it's a lesser version of TTD. TTD has better restraints, theming, aesthetics, placement, forces, launch, view, and actually has airtime on the tophat.

Ka might be faster and taller but that doesn't make it better.

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Your allowed to your opinion but so am I and I think the launch is more forceful on ka and I definitely noticed a height difference when people said I wouldn’t

And parking lots are beautiful views that come maybe once or twice in a lifetime along with gatekeeper,and scream

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Take a joke mang

I 150% agree that hydra is underrated and I found the jojo roll to give some great hangtime and that weird cobra roll didn’t bang my head one little bit and I found the layout to be my favorite of all the floorless coasters but the one thing it lacks is force I think it has everything a good floorless should have but forcefulness but this isn’t rare none are forceful in my opinion anyway
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