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Most Creds in a Day

Discussion in 'General Discussions & Opinions' started by Hobbes, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Will

    Will Member

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    Europa Park
    Coaster Count:
    12/06/2015 15 (Canada's Wonderland)
    01/04/2017 12 (Wiener Prater)
    25/08/2014 9 (Walibi Belgium & Bellewaerde)
    30/07/2009 9 (Tivoli Gardens & Bakken)
    18/07/2008 9 (Europa Park)
    31/07/2016 8 (Gulliver's Matlock Bath, Gulliver's Milton Keynes, Wheelgate Adventure Park, Billing Aquadrome)
    28/09/2013 8 (M&Ds, Codona's Amusement Park)
    05/05/2012 8 (Parc St Paul, Jardin d'Acclimation)
    18/07/2011 8 (Linnanmaki)
    06/07/2004 8 (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

    Yay :)
  2. Edward M

    Edward M Member

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    Steel Vengeance
    Best Park:
    Tokyo Disneysea
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    I got 14 at both Magic Mountain and Hersheypark in one day. My day at Hershey was nice and relaxed, but Magic Mountain was a bit of a nightmare.
  3. Jordanovichy

    Jordanovichy Credit Whore 2016 Staff Member Social Media Team

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    I have a list for just such a topic!
    1. 17/06/2017: 16, Canada's Wonderland
    =2. 06/06/2017: 14, Six Flags Great America
    =2. 11/06/2017: 14, King's Island
    =4. 08/07/2015: 13, Parque Warner Madrid and Parque de Atracciones
    =4. 12/09/2015: 13, Parque Espana, Suzuka Circuit and Nagashima Spaland
    =4. 12/06/2017: 13, Cedar Point
    =7. 19/08/2013: 12, Blackpool Pleasure Beach
    =7. 13/04/2014: 12, Dune's Amusements, Botton's Amusements, Fantasy Island, Mack's Amusements, Clifton Park and Sherwood Forest
    =7. 04/08/2016: 12, Oriental Heritage Jinan and Quancheng Euro Park
    =7. 04/04/2018: 12, Magic Planet, Kiddieville, Adventureland, Sparky's Family Entertainment Centre, Festival Land, Al Shaab Land, Antic's Land, another Sparky's Family Entertainment Centre and Al Rigga Carnival.

    That's the top ten. Amount of times I have achieved a certain amount of creds in a day:
    10 creds in a day: 2 times
    9 creds in a day: 4 times
    8 creds in a day: 9 times
    7 creds in a day: 13 times
    6 creds in a day: 9 times
    5 creds in a day: 15 times
    4 creds in a day: 18 times
    3 creds in a day: 27 times
    2 creds in a day: 28 times
    1 creds in a day: 44 times

    I consider I rode my first cred, Sea Dragon in Hunstanton on 24/07/2002, since this day I have ridden creds on 179/5805 days meaning I've had 5626 credless days. This means that on an average 'cred-getting' day, I average 4.09 creds per day (733/179).

  4. gavin

    gavin Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Social Media Team

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    Tokyo DisneySea
    Coaster Count:
    18 - Six Flags Magic Mountain (not all new on that day though - some rerides since a previous visit + new stuff)
    17 - Cedar Point
    14 - Canada's Wonderland
    13 - Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Six Flags Great Adventure
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  5. TilenB

    TilenB Member

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    Europa Park
    Coaster Count:
    I had a bit of a check through my coaster list and here's what I came up with;
    1. 14 - 26.8.2011 - Six Flags Magic Mountain
    2. 12 - 27.9.2015 - Canstatter Volksfest, Oktoberfest
    3. 9 - 18.8.2013 - Pleasure Beach Blackpool
    =4. 8 - 19.8.2013 - Alton Towers
    =4. 8 - 27.4.2016 - PortAventura Park
    =4. 8 - 13.7.2018 - Gulliverlandia, Luna Park Adriatico, Strabilia Luna Park

    And then;
    7 creds on 7 different days (Thorpe Park; Drievliet&Duinrell; Efteling; Movie Park Germany&Kermis Weert; Plopsaland; Bobbejaanland; Walibi Belgium)
    6 creds on 6 different days (Europa Park; Walibi Holland; Hellendoorn&Waarbeek&Lambertuskermis Hengelo; Plopsa Coo&Hasselt Kermis; Ferrari World&FunWorks; Skyline Park)
    5 creds on 3 different days (Phantasialand; Feria de Abril; Dreamworld)
    4 creds on 12 different days (Europa Park; Busch Gardens Tampa; Wiener Prater x2; Tivoli Friheden; Erlebnispark Tripsdrill; Toverland; Parco Eurolandia&New Jesolandia; Familypark&Wiener Prater; P├╝tzchens Markt; Warner Bros. Movie World; Osteria Ai Pioppi)
  6. caffeine_demon

    caffeine_demon Member

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    Other than the big single park days (CP, SFGAD, Hershey etc.), I did a 3 park day in America a few years ago (using buses)- 3 at playland, 2 at Gillians and 6 at Morey's (could have probably added steel pier and casino pier if I'd had a car)
  7. Snoo

    Snoo Social Media Team Staff Member Social Media Team

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    Steel Vengeance
    Best Park:
    Silver Dollar City
    Coaster Count:
    I've done most of Cedar Point and most of Kings Island in one day, definitely putting me in the 20+ range. That was a few years ago so not sure on the exact number. As I had been to both parks before, nothing was new but definitely rode a huge supply of new rides.

    As far as new cred days, definitely Canadas Wonderland as I got 15 last year, minus the kiddy cred of course.

    I also did the Jersey Shore once setting my record for parks in a day with 7 different parks. THAT was a day.
  8. Yunho Kim

    Yunho Kim New Member

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    T Express
    Best Park:
    Cedar Point!!
    Coaster Count:
    In 2016 in Universal Studios Singapore +5
    Revenge Of the Mummy
    Enchard Airways
    Battlestar Galartica(Both side)
    Canopy Flyer
  9. HeartlineCoaster

    HeartlineCoaster Member

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    Thought it was going to be something boring like Prater, but as far as I can tell:
    Parc Saint Paul & Parc Asterix - 13

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