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Most Creds in a Day


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I rode 21 coasters in one day back in July of 2011.

(Luna Park)
Circus Coaster

(Scream Zone)
Soarin' Eagle

(Great Adventure)
Batman: The Ride
Dark Knight
El Toro
Green Lantern
Kingda Ka
Rolling Thunder
Runaway Mine Train
Skull Mountain

(Morey's Piers)
Doo Wopper
Great Nor'Easter
Great White
Rollies Coaster
Sea Serpent


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Cedar Point in 2011. We did EVERYTHING in a single day. Then we came back the second day, and queues had mysteriously appeared. As had uncomfortably hot weather.

I have no idea how we did so much on the first day, including several re-rides and non-coaster rides. The Theme Park Gods must have truly been smiling down upon us.


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Got 14 at Canada's Wonderland in a day.

And 14 in a day through 5 parks on the Lincolnshire coast a few years ago.


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Hobbes said:
oops...guess I didn't dig deep enough to make sure it was new :oops:

CF rules state that a topic 3 months dead can be remade ;)

16 at Cedar Point in one day. Only missed out on Gemini's red side as it wasn't operating that day. Wildcat had closed about a fortnight before.


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@Howie and I just managed 18 in a day.
5 at Kentucky Kingdom and
13 at Kings Island

On a Saturday, without fastpasses :cool:

Did the same myself a few weeks back, but needed the fast lane at KI as we went during both Coasterstock and the Music in the Parks event.


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Might not be the most, but we did Fury and Lightning Rod on a whim in the same day. 1st ride on both...(Everything but Firehawk's twin in both parks- not enough Aspirin for that) Bailing on Holiday World the night before. Holiwood Nights, even.


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Hm, I’ve done three parks in a day, but not with gigantic cred totals.

And the biggest cred parks in the States I’ve done in stages. I grew up going to SFMM every year, went to SFGAdv and CP eons ago when they didn’t have a lot of their current rides (though I think CP is probably my current record with 13).

Upcoming trips to KI and CW may break my record. The Jersey shore alone could do it, but I’m planning to do that in two days.


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Without checking the s/s, I was hoping it would be Wiener Prater, but looks like it's Canada's Wonderland with 15.


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Probably 15 at Kings Dominion on my first visit if not its probably one of the like a dozen times I've gotten 14 credits.