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Helix vs Taron.

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Howie, Nov 2, 2017.


Which is bestest?

  1. Helix

  2. Taron

  1. Hutch

    Hutch Well-Known Member

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    Cedar Point
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    I've done Maverick with both the old and new restraints and it's a big improvement. Really the only nit pick I have with it now is the lithe trim brake after the second launch.
  2. Zwaman

    Zwaman New Member

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    After being asked to do so several times in the introduction topic, I obviously couldn't resist to vote in this poll. Helix it is!

    I think Helix is a very balanced rides. It has some inversions, some crazy airtime, some nice twist'n turns and decent speed. Although Intamin totally beats Mack in the launch and transition departments, I think Mack made an extremely balanced ride enjoyable for both the casual rider and the hardcore fan. I can't really lay my finger on it, it's just an extremely good ride. The weak point are the launches, but the two crazy airtime hills totally make up for that.

    Taron also is a very solid ride, but I rode it after I heard many opinions already. Based on all that opinions, I expected a coaster that easily beats all other coasters in the world. I can't deny Taron is very good ride. Especially the launches, twist'n turns and transitions are crazy, only Intamin can currently produce something like that. However, I missed a decent amount of airtime, and I also missed the peak of what Intamin can do with transitions. That peak for me are the crazy transitions in combination with airtime the Mega-Lites have, the extreme transitions Intimidator 305 has, or the airtime rides like Expedition GeForce, Goliath and also the Mega-Lites have. Taron doesn't have any of those things in an extreme way. I would have loved the ride way more if it was not hyped up so much, but nothing to do about it. Again, Taron is a good ride, but many other rides, both from Intamin and other manufacturer, are just way better, in my opinion.

    Of course this is just an opinion, and I can totally see why people with other preferences love Taron more than Helix.
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