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Djurs Sommerland | Drage Kongen | Intamin Suspended Family Coaster

Discussion in 'Roller Coaster Construction' started by TheCoasterCruiser, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Olaf

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    Piraten doesn't need anything, it's amazing how it is... I mean yes it doesn't look nice, but I'd rather have another major attraction than a nice looking one (#credhoe)

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  2. ThomVD

    ThomVD Well-Known Member

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    I rode it today and I hope that Intamin and the park find a solution, because in its current state it's quite a poor coaster. It's very very rattly, and at the same time very dull/forceless. I think Kvasten is miles and miles better. If it was glass smooth, it would be a decent family coaster, but as it is, it's pretty bad. It looks great though.

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