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Cringe Worthy Non Coaster Enthusiast Comments you have heard


Matt N’s got me thinking about Disney..
I remember hearing, very confidently, “look at that over there- Splash Yeti!”

Yunho Kim

There is a POV of B&M invert, Phaethon, and in comments , GPs says it is same model as The Flying Dinosaur, which is a flying coaster. They says that I rode same model in Osaka Universal Studios. They says Phaethon is a "Flying coaster"

J Rod

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One time I overheard a girl saying she closed her eyes and therefore "blacked out" on Millennium Force.


The Legend.
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Someone I worked with stated they got stuck on the spike of Wicked Twister.. and said I was lying when I said that wasn't possible without the train being destroyed. She was quite adamant. Felt like arguing with a trump supporter.. lol
Yesterday I was chatting on Twitter and people were claiming to get stuck on the *downward* side of lift hills. I told them this was impossible, and secondarily, getting stopped on the lift is simply not a big deal anyway


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I suppose it could be possible if they were at the front of the train and it got stuck just as it was cresting the hill?
People love being able to brag about being in 'dangerous' situations where coasters are concerned, such as stopping on the lift hill or being evacuated. Although it is non-eventful to us experienced riders, it gives them a good story to go home with. If people tell me about such an incident, I tend to join in and act surprised - because if it adds to their enjoyment and memories of a theme park trip who am I to **** on it!
getting stopped on the lift is simply not a big deal anyway
This summer I took my nephews to Cedar Point, and when Millennium Force had a train stop for a long time on the lift hill, they were utterly spellbound. After a few minutes of us staring from the runway, I suggested we move on and get in more rides, and their reaction was as if Spider-Man had just appeared on the side of a skyscraper and I was suggesting we go get a pizza.