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1. Superman, Parque Warner Madrid
2. Superman: Krypton Coaster, Six Flags Fiesta Texas
3. Bizarro, Six Flags Great Adventure
4. Dominator, Kings Dominion
5. Kraken, SeaWorld Orlando
6. Medusa, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
7. Rougarou, Cedar Point
8. Batman: Dark Knight, Six Flags New England
9. Scream! Six Flags Magic Mountain
10. Dæmonen, Tivoli Gardens
11. Hydra the revenge, Dorney Park
12. Patriot, California’s Great America

Honestly, I really like floorless coasters when they’re good, particularly 1-4 which would all rank in my top 100. I’d also say I’m a fan of 5-7, which are pretty good for being middle of the road on a big list like this. Though, I’ll admit, when I get down to 8 and below, I become quickly less enthusiastic for the model. They would all be among some of the weaker B&Ms that I’ve ridden. Batman: Dark Knight has been a bit better on occasion though so that deserves to be at the “top of the bottom.” I’d say Hydra and Patriot are quite simply bland; possibly the two blandest B&Ms I’ve ridden (though Patriot is still an improvement on Vortex which was kinda gross).
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1. Superman in Madrid, got ridiculous amounts of floater on this!
The rest all kind of blend into one.
2. Bizarro
3. Rougarou
4. Kraken
5. Dominator (rode this in torrential rain)
6. Hydra
7. Daemonen
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New update from the summer!
1-Dominator; Was really fun! I liked the speed and the cobra roll (And the banked turn behind it) were very fun! Had a bit of a rattle in the corkscrews, but nothing ride ruining.
2-Rougarou; Fun, intense, but has more headbanging than Dominator.


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New in Bold

1: Bizarro
2: Hydra the Revenge
3: Batman - The Dark Knight
4: Kraken
5: Daemonen
6: Rougarou

Bizarro and Hydra are streaks ahead of the others. Rougarou is garbage, really rough, but better than when it was a Stand-Up.


1. Superman la Atracción de Acero - Parque Warner Madrid
2. Scream! - SFMM
3. Daemonen - Tivoli


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Yay list threads!

  1. Dominator - It's a 0-g roll away from being perfect. The flow and forces that the first half of the ride offers put it at the top.
  2. Kraken - It was running phenomenally this past spring. Really intense!
  3. Rougarou - The bigger standups had some excellent layouts. The ride still has old school intensity but is more comfortable due to being seated now.
  4. Medusa - It's fairly similar to Kraken aside from the ending. It wasn't mind blowing but it was quite enjoyable.
  5. Bizarro - Rode it back in 2009 so my opinion is dated. I remember it being smooth and packing a pretty good punch, but not as much as those listed above it.
  6. Batman: The Dark Knight - Good ride. There's nothing wrong with it aside from its size.
  7. Scream! - My last ride on it was rattly garbage and the low zones felt like diving into an oven due to the blacktop.
  8. Patriot - I can't imagine this ride as a standup. It was already relatively rough last summer and the layout was not exciting at all. Unfortunately, its conversion didn't breathe any new life into the ride.


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1 - Superman Warner / Dominator - been a while since I rode these, but good solid coasters
2 - Batman TDK - just a little different.
3 - hydra - Quirky and I didn't get the square wheeled thing some talk of
4 - Bizarro
5 - Kraken
6 - Daemonen - just does nowt!


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Completed the set today. Well, if you ignore the two conversions, which I rode as standups, so still have the creds.

1. Superman la something in Spanish
2. Superman Krypton Coaster
3. Dominator
4. Medusa
5. Kraken
6. Hair Raiser
7. Bizarro
8. Nitro
9. Scream
10. Insane Speed
11. Batman: The Dark Knight
12. Daemonen
13. Hydra


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1. Rougarou
2. Dominator
3. Bizarro
4. Daemonen
5. Batman: The Dark Knight
6. Scream!


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Guess I've got a decent enough chunk for this one now:

1. Superman la fuga
2. Hair Raiser
3. Scream!
4. Dæmonen
5. Medusa
6. Patriot


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  1. Superman: Krypton Coaster- I love the interaction with the quarry wall, not to mention a giant loop with Superman on top of it.
  2. Bizarro- The first floorless coaster I went on and also the first floorless ever built. Honestly, a pretty good ride, not to mention the headchopper effect on the corkscrews.
  3. Kraken- I love how this ride goes below ground level with the trenches and the tunnel, much like Montu, come to think of it, this ride is basically Montu but not an invert.
  4. Dominator- Not to much to say about this ride except that it also has a big loop like Superman: Krypton Coaster, but it doesn't have Superman on top of it.
  5. Rougarou- I also don't have much to say about this one.
  6. Batman: The Dark Knight- Same here. A lot of B&Ms are good, but not entirely memorable, that's kind of the problem. A lot of B&Ms have very similar layouts so they're very inter-changeable.
1. Dominator Intense, long and crazy fun. Low turn and cobra roll are both super intense. Great sense of speed.
2. Superman: Krypton Coaster Don't get the hype. It's fun, it has some good intensity but I found part of it forgettable and generic. Fun drop and cool terrain tho.
3. Bizarro Solid intensity but fairly basic B&M Big Multi Looper.
4. Batman: The Dark Knight Same deal for Bizarro but with the smaller models of floorlesses.
5. Rougarou What happened. The beginning is good but other than that, Ive only done one rougher B&M and thats Vortex at Carowinds. I'd say it was better as mantis by a large margin, Mantis was really cool as a standup but as a floorless? The elements are akward and it would be fun if I swear it didnt have the hardest B&M restraints. Easily the least iconic non kiddie coaster at CP and is just the definition of a disappointing, unenjoyable bland ride that doesnt capture the unique, historic and modern vibes of CP and is I would say the only true credit whore and nothing else coaster. At least Corkscrew is pretty.


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I haven't done anything new since my last update but I definitely have some notable changes, so might as well discuss it here.

1. Bizarro - Not much wrong with it really, good layout, decent location, and fun flamethrower action. Great ride.
2. Batman: The Dark Knight - Rode a couple times this past summer and was running well. Has a pretty solid layout despite its size.
3. Rougarou - Doesn't really do much but I actually quite enjoyed this. There's nothing special about it but it's still fun.
4. Kraken - Used to be my favorite but was running a bit poorly a couple years ago. The layout is good but the rattle made it fall to the bottom. Apparently they've been taking care of it since so hopefully it'll be okay.


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1. Superman la fuga
2. Hair Raiser
3. Dæmonen
4. Scream!
5. The other Scream
6. The one with the ugly yellow loop

7. The one that's a nice shade of purple
8. Medusa
9. Patriot


Admittedly, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of floorless coasters that aren’t named Kraken. If all of these layouts had sit-down instead of floorless trains, I would guarantee that they would each reserve their own spot in my top 50, with Kraken likely going in my top 25 — the new trains would make these coasters genuinely intense, like they were designed to be (See: Kumba).

1. Kraken — This is an actually intense and very fun floorless coaster, albeit a tad lacking on the theming side comparing to the likes of Mako and Manta in the same park.

— There is a large gap in quality here. —

2. Hydra: The Revenge — Unfortunately, my poor memory means that the jo-jo roll is the only moment I can remember from this coaster. And it was certainly a fun one; however, the rest of this coaster succumbs to the same pitfalls of the rest of its kind not named Kraken.
3. Dominator — I can’t remember much of this ride either; or, frankly, any of it at all.
4. Rougarou — I remember most of this ride; the inclined loop was a fun element, and the first half had some reminiscence of intensity. But after that mid-course brake run, I rode defensively per the instructions of another coaster enthusiast to avoid my head being smacked too hard.