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Best and worst queue line


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Best: Flying Aces first springs to mind. It was weird seeing so much themeing there, considering there's hardly anything elsewhere in the park.

Worst: Generic cattlepens are just the worst. I think I'm giving this one to iSpeed, one of few that I actually had to endure for more than an hour.


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Europa Park's are the best - particularly Wodan and Blue Fire.

Alton and Thorpe have a couple of decent ones in the shape of Colossus and Nemesis... but Alton also has Rita and Smiler, while Thorpe have Stealth and Saw.
Drayton have the worst though - loud, hot, indoors and never anything good at the other end.


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Batman at Six Flags Great Adventure springs to mind. Roasting in a tin can before experiencing intense forces, vommmm.


I hate to speak ill of the deceased but the worst is probably the late great Wild Mouse - ridiculously narrow with no view and no extension so the queue just sort of spills out onto the path.
Nemesis and Wodan have great queues but I think my #1 is Xpress: Platform 13 at Walibi Holland which is unexpectedly brilliant.


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Best queueline - Flying Dutchman at Efteling

Struggling to choose the worst queueline. Definite contenders are Symbolica, Carnival Festival, Dream Flight (Efteling theme going on here) and Winjas Fear & Force at Phantasialand.


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Another vote for Winjas. I've got a pet hate for queues where you don't feel like you're making progress. In the opposite way, Nemesis and Th13teen have pretty good queues which string out across the ride area (they also move quickly tbf).

Actually, always liked the way the full Nemesis queue starts teasing with glimpses of track, before circling the ride and finishing under the loop entry. Honourable mentions to Wodan (adventurous), Mystery Castle (atmospheric) and Hex (most atmospheric cattlepen(ish) award).

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Best: Flying Dutchman at Efteling (honourable mentions to Fluch Von Novgorod, Flying Aces, Wodan...and Hex and Mystery Castle if they count).

Worst: Dragon's Fury. Gives me twitches just thinking about it.


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Just sticking with coasters here...

Best: Flying Dutchman, Black Mamba, Anubis, Van Helsing's Factory, Batman La Fuga

Worst: Shambhala, Rita, Stealth, Stampida


Best: Wodan at Europa Park and Vliegende Hollander in Efteling

Worst: Challenge of Tutankhamon at Walibi Belgium because of the heat, like it is a part of the experience to make you fee the actual blistering heat in Egypt. Same for FlashBack at Walibi Belgium. It's hot, humid and it smells like wet dog and sweaty people!


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For best I'd say it's hard to beat Expedition Everest. It has a gosh-dang museum in it. And a travellers' shop. And a Tibetan temple. Of course, major shout-outs to the Harry Potter rides at Universal Studios next door. Gringott's takes you right inside the bank hall from the movie, complete with moving goblins. Forbidden Journey gives you a tour of Hogwarts, moving paintings and all.

I haven't got that many coasters under my belt, but I'm willing to place Formula Rossa among the worst. Endless cattlepens in a crowded room, with only the launch to look at through the sand-dusted windows. Thank heavens I was there in January, because that place can't be comfortable at all in summer.


- Flying Dutchman, Efteling
- Black Mamba, Phantasialand
- Chiapas, Phantasialand

- Shambhala, Port Aventura
- Smiler, Alton Towers
- Dragons Fury, Chessington


As well as obvious progression like others have mentioned I'm also a fan of queues where you can see the loading area clearly. The inside section of Dragon Falls is great for this, you can see the boats being loaded as you walk round the edge of the room looking down, it's a great design.

Definitely agree with Sue about Dragons Fury, I got so sick of watching the cars turn the corner after the brake run over and over.

I also don't like queues where it moves in big chunks minutes apart, I'd rather keep moving continuously at a slower pace. Derren Brown's Ghost Train is the worst for this as it's often 7+ minutes of no movement at all in a cattle pen where you can't see where it ends, absolutely torturous.


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Another vote for Flying Dutchman for best queue. Points for Nemesis and Anubis too. I'm also fond of Chiapas' and Black Mamba's queues.

Winjas' queue is the absolute worst. It's like Phantasialand essentially thought to themselves 'how can we make this queue terrible?'. But basically any big cattlepen queue with nothing to really look at (Carnival Festival, Dreamflight spring to mind).